Sync CuraEngine only with upstream 3.6
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karrad renamed this task from Sync CuraEngine only with upstream 3.4 to Sync CuraEngine only with upstream 3.6.Fri, Nov 16, 1:22 PM

@victor_larchenko we will be out for the next couple of days, and will not be able to test the recent branches you and tomofey have been working on.

Please start merging in cura engine 3.6 to a separate branch. We may have a couple small fixes upcoming, but this will be the heavy lift.

@TK if all your other tickets are awaiting testing, please lend a hand as well

@karrad @alexei Merged to upstream3.6 branch. Affected repos: Cura, CuraEngine and Arcus.

@victor_larchenko All testing so far looks good, we will get this into master Monday if tests still look good.