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BUG: Rotate Tool
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After I import a file I often need to rotate it on the X axis for the optimal print orientation.
However for what ever reason I may need to make some other adjustments and end up maybe just needing to click reset and start from scratch.
The value in the text box resets to a visible 0, however when I enter a value and tab out of it the object doesn't move.
In fact, you can select the object, hit reset, click your cursor outside the object, reselect object and the rotation icon and your old initial value will be in there.

This is especially needed to work correctly after a print cause I'll import a new object and be unable to rotate it into the correct orientation because the values won't reset.
The only known fix is to close out the Cura LE software and start again.

I am using Cura version 3.2.23

It would also be nice to allow the user to select their default function. I use rotate much more than I do move and often find myself accidently moving the object instead of rotating it because the default function is move. I understand all user's needs are different, that's why I request a way for us users to select some default settings.
It didn't work on the previous versin either

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Steps to reproduce:

1.) Load model file
2.) Rotate in Y direction 45 degrees
3.) Click in build area to close rotation box
4.) select model, and open rotation box
5.) click reset button, and click outside of rotation box
6.) open rotation box again, and 45 will show in the area again

7.) If you manually enter "0" into the field and hit enter, it will rotate the opposite direction

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@Joebowler300 While we look into fixing the underlying issue, I believe I found a workaround to prevent closing the program each time.

After getting the object to lay flat on the build plate (usually after reset is selected) right click the model and select "Reset all model transformations." After selecting that, it appears to be able to reposition normally

@karrad Fixed. Now values are reset together with model position.

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@TKostennov This one looks fixed, thanks! Found another one while testing though, will get it logged on a separate ticket

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A very similar issue resurfaced with CuraLE 3.2.29 when working with multiple objects on the printing bed.
To reproduce:

  1. Load 2 objects to the printer bed
  2. Select one of the objects and open the rotation tool
  3. Enter a rotation value into one of the axis fields (ie. 90 degrees into the Y axis). The object will rotate 90 degrees
  4. select the other object

At this point the previous value the user entered into the Y axis to move the previous object is still in the field even though the new object should be at the "0" position.

Consequently, I also retested the original behavior from this ticket and was able to replicate it as well. I loaded one object to the bed, rotated it 90 degrees in the Y axis, clicked on the bed to close rotation tool. Clicked on object and selected rotation tool which still had the 90 degrees in the Y axis field. If you try to send the 90 degree move again, nothing happens. You can enter "0" and the object returns to the "0" position, then the user can enter a different value.

@TKostennov If you find a fix for this, please push to a separate branch. We are preparing an RC and want to keep master clean.

@karrad. Rotate tool works good with one object because keep value only for tool but not for each model.
We can add fields for values to object (and tool read this values for each object) or we can work with calculating values from object position.

We tried to work with calculating but have a problem with quaternion to degrees translation (problem with normalization).
We added a fix with rotation fields to every model, check it please (T3214 branch). We think it should work.

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@TKostennov I am going to try to get this one tested today, but we will likely hold off on this for the 3.2.32 release, and merge it in for 3.2.33

@TKostennov Sorry for the delay on testing this one.

Checking it out this morning, we are missing the "value" update in the box when rotating by dragging the circle:

When entering the numerical value into the box it looks to be good:

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@TKostennov Thanks for the tweak, this looks good through my tests!

@alexei Ready for review and merge to master

alexei closed this task as Resolved.Nov 20 2018, 9:47 AM

Merged to master.