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BUG: Rotate in small increments
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When using the rotate tool, directional circles are displayed around the object. While clicking and dragging, it will default to 15 degree increments. While holding shift and dragging, it is supposed to rotate in 1 degree increments.

While holding shift and rotating these, it will grab the background and move the viewing location.

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karrad created this task.Aug 2 2018, 10:12 AM
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@karrad I think it's fixed. Now model rotate works using Shift+LMB and camera move works using Shift+RMB or mousewheel button.

@TKostennov When holding Shift+LMB it is rotating the view around a central point, instead of rotating the object.

Cura LE 3.2.25

@TKostennov We found another issue with this commit:

This prevents us from holding down shift, and selecting two models at once on the build plate. It prevents our dual extruders from working as intended.

Reverting this commit fixed the V3 dual issue

karrad closed this task as Resolved.Aug 15 2018, 12:00 PM