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Polydissolve Profiles Missing V2 Flexydually
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Cura 3.2.23. the ! and the not supported are odd, not sure if this is intentional. Note that the print will still slice like this.

Setup as Taz 6 Dual extruder v2, anytime Polydissolve is selected.

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@lansky That triangle indicates there is no profile associated with this material and machine combination.

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We need to generate a Polydissolve profile for the V2 dual extruder. We will use the same one for TAZ 5 and TAZ 6, and will only require a standard profile.

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@karrad I think the best we have is the profile we developed for T3247, how does that sound?

Oops never mind I forgot that was a PVA profile.

@lansky That one was for PVA, have you tested it on polydissolve? iirc, polydissolve printed at a much higher temp than standard PVA (20+ degrees)

I am working on profile settings for Polydissolve now. Should have them settled today and confirmed for taz early next week.

Any update on getting me a flexy dually @karrad?

Sorry about the delay on that, delivered!

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