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Banded Tiger First Print
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We need to decide on a first print for Banded Tiger.
Things to think about: what do we want to emphasize about this tool head? This can handle abrasives; do we want to make the first print an abrasive material and how do we leverage the best properties of that?

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@adam can you please get me a deadline for this task?

@DRobertson I'd like to assign to you to start thinking, you cool with that?

That sounds good. I'll start thinking of possible first prints.

adam added a comment.EditedAug 20 2018, 2:23 PM

We need something for Betas to give people an obvious starting test. That's scheduled for 8/31 so let's make that the deadline. We can change if necessary until a couple weeks before release as long as it's not mentioned anywhere in the documentation.
First print material we need locked down by Beta.
edit: betas end on 9/28 - start on 8/31

Cool :) My only initial thought: Not a vase.

I'd like for this one to be different than Dingy (1.2 T3250: Dingy Cutworm First Print), what's interesting to me about Banded is the ability to get some detail in. I'm thinking something that has some kind of snap fitting might be interesting, if it's still able to consistently get the type of tolerances needed for that.

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Assigning to @DRobertson

After some conversations we came upon the idea of a tool head holder. It is functional, especially in this case since customers will need a place to put their standard tool head when the new one is installed and has an aspect of fitting for dimensional accuracy since the tool heads need to fit neatly and securely.

The model also has bridging, overhangs, and specific widths along the base to check for dimensional accuracy. The base is 5mm high throughout, and starting with the back and going clockwise is 10mm, 15mm, then 20mm wide. It checks a lot of boxes and will look great on a desk next to one of our printers.

The file is attached and ready for testing (though the fit may need some slight adjustment for the larger nozzles since I've been testing with a 0.5mm nozzle.

First print for Banded Tiger and Dingy Cutworm has been modified to reflect new tool head mount slice. The standard tool head fits comfortably as well. The file is attached.

adam added a subscriber: Hob.Sep 28 2018, 8:00 AM

@Hob please chime in with your thoughts on what we have here. We need to decide next what material we want to use for this.

Copied comments from T3250:

Eric and I are going through some stuff right now. However, in the short term, it appears the hardened nozzles on these toolheads enable high-strength compositefilaments (different than durability and toughness). Case in point of tensile strengths (MPa): PolyMide CoPA=66.2, colorFabb PETg Econ=49.0, colorFabb PA-CF=107.0, XSTAND-GF-30 =102.0. This is an average tensile strength of ~81 Mpa. However, there elongation @ break is quite low - 13%, or more on the brittle side. This is in contrast to the MOAR products that are durable and tough, but have greater elongation @ break: probably average around ~55MPa tensile strength, but 3-5X the elongation.


Please add Eric to this ticket as well. Thanks

adam added a comment.Oct 15 2018, 11:34 AM

sample is PETg
Roll in abrasive material once we've addressed the packaging and potential for damp sample

Wrench rework is attached here. Let me know what you think:

@jessica @kim I have created RM-PE0015 for the PETg samples we need for these tool heads and procured for the initial build.

After consulting with R&D and running test prints I have made some adjustments for increased strength. We will be getting 1" and 3/4" bolts and nuts to test these on as well as to take to upcoming shows. The latest model is attached.

After testing with Xstrand, I've edited the file for better print quality.

adam added a comment.Nov 8 2018, 11:12 AM

Are we solid on this print and has it been posted to so the customers can access it?

I've printed multiple times using PA-CF and PETg on Banded Tiger with good results each time. I've also tested it with bolts for sizing and the fit is good. I haven't received any feedback on the print otherwise and would like to get confirmation from others before definitively saying the file is ready.

File prints adequately on all tests that I have done with Banded and has been added to downloads along with licensing. Once Downloads is updated it will be all set.

adam closed this task as Resolved.Nov 14 2018, 7:21 AM

closing out since product is released and this model is in the repo as the first print.