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Achemon Reseller Setup
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We need to determine which resellers want to carry this and how many they will need to start.
Also what information do we need to put together for them about this tool head?

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adam created this task.Aug 10 2018, 11:54 AM
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@Rachael @Dante @gyukish - please provide insight into resellers who have shown interest in holding stock, and what we need to provide for them to sell this

gyukish added a comment.EditedAug 15 2018, 12:29 PM

I've had a couple of resellers, The 3D Connectors and Laser Concepts, indicate interest in this product as they were going through their websites and updating different products. When adding new products in the past, they've needed:

Price Point, shipping dimensions and weight, as well as product dimensions and weight, Image(s) of product, a Descriptive Copy, a Spec Sheet if available, and any product alerts such as compatibility issues. It's also been useful to define what the intended use of the tool head is, similar to the MOARstruder.

adam added a comment.Aug 23 2018, 8:52 AM

@Megan I know that reseller preorders were discussed: do you have numbers or interested resellers that we need to hold stock here for to go out prior to release?

@adam @Megan I have a preorder for two right now... Most of our resellers, at least mine, don't know much about this tool head. I think it would be good to get information in their hands early next week.

@Dante thank you for that update on requests for pre-order. The plan is to start getting them information in a reseller newsletter next week, based on what is available, and additional info can follow as we get it.

@adam, no preorders have been officially discussed, determined or offered to resellers at this time. The "preorder" @Dante mentioned is expressed interest from a reseller based on a customer from SIGGRAPH, but not agreed upon for delivery by release date.

It was mentioned in our meeting this week that we could offer it for interest, but probably not guaranteed delivery for release. I think this is okay, given the timeline at this point. We could maybe say pre-orders would ship by 9/7-9/10, for soonest delivery after release.

@adam Matterhackers confirmed they would pre-order 20 units.

For release of this and future tool heads / accessories (thinking of the adapter for Aero v2 line), we will need the following information to provide to resellers as soon as possible.

Price, Pre-Order availability, Pictures, Spec Sheet if there will be one, Descriptive copy for web pages, Box / Shipping Dimensions and Weight, UPC/SKU, and Product number

adam added a comment.Aug 28 2018, 8:47 AM

Select resellers can get a new, boxed tool head demo unit at 50% off (max 2) and we will want to ensure they are aware of and compliant with the campaign direction we are taking when creating their own original content.

Pre-orders approved with a cap of 10 per partner, to be shipped the week of 9/4-9/7 for delivery on or near release date of 9/11

@Rachael please let us know if you need anything more to support these pre-orders

kenhara added a subscriber: kenhara.EditedSep 6 2018, 7:40 AM

Reseller email will be going out this morning (thanks to help from @Orias @cathryn @eBeardslee)

@Megan Can you close this out when that email goes out, and verify @Rachael and others don't need anything else related to resellers on this?

adam closed this task as Resolved.Sep 12 2018, 12:28 PM

Going to close this since the product is now for sale