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[Feature request] Maintain Manual Control Settings
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I just had a customer call in asking why Cura resets the values that are entered into the Manual Control area of Cura when you move from Monitor to Prepare. He would like the values he changes to stay entered into Cura while going between windows.

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@TKostennov we would like to keep updated values in the manual control section.

Default values as are currently are fine, but once updated we would like to maintain those values until the program is restarted.

@karrad Values saves until the program is restarted. You can check it in T3377 branch.

@TKostennov Sorry for the delay in testing this. Testing this on Q on 3.6.5 branch T3377 it looks to be mostly working. While inputting the "extrusion amount" this seems to still lose its value when switching between prepare and monitor

@karrad I think it's happens only with values more than 10, it's caused by restriction in code. Valid values for the field in range from 1 to 10. If value out of range cura use older value. We can change it, if that need.

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@TKostennov We need to retract 60mm on the aerostruders, and we recommend doing an extruder calibration at 100mm. Lets set the limit at 126 to revert back to the default 1mm

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@karrad , Is this ready to be merged?

@alexei Ahh yes it is, I had missed the update to the extruder limits

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Merged to master.