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Add strain relief on both sides of every connector and anywhere there is potential for repetitive stress damage.
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We need to evaluate all wiring to make sure we prevent wire breakage due to repetitive stress. The main one I noticed today is all of the tool head wires are flexing every time the servos move.

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@kent i have an option for this but it will need tested. It involves a cable carrier attached to the motor that is able to rotate a bit when the servo is actuated. I have it installed on the quiver on my desk if you are interested

kent added a comment.Sep 5 2018, 11:44 AM

Sweet I'll come check it out. Maybe throw some pics in here for the sake of the thread.

kent added a comment.Sep 5 2018, 11:56 AM

I think this is a video of what you are working on.

What is the target MTBF for the wires in this harness? Do you want to proceed with some longevity testing on this design or wait until it looks more like the alpha version?