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Pause at Height will not resume properly
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Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)
Cura Version 3.2.27 / 3.2.26 / 3.2.23

When using the Pause at Height extension in Cura, the tool head will park normally. After hitting resume, the nozzle will not start where it left off. Instead, the nozzle will move to almost 0 layers and begin printing approximately 1 cm to right and to the rear of the model.

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johnson created this task.Sep 12 2018, 1:33 PM
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I have an update. I have a customer that is having the same problems.
ID: 180395
Operating System: MacOS 10.12
Cura Version 3.2.27

I duplicated the steps by usiing the Pause at Height extension in Cura. In her case, her prints are starting 20mm to the right.

Update. Both printers are Lulzbot Minis.

karrad added a subscriber: karrad.Sep 14 2018, 8:07 AM

@johnson Can you test the pause at height or layer plugin and see if the issue persists?

@karrad I ran a pause/resume function on a TAZ 6 and the results are a definite improvement. Just a little oozing which affects the print, but nothing I can't fix here. Thanks. Did you have a new firmware version?

@johnson I am confused, your original report was with a plugin. Please clarify what the original issue was, along with steps you used to duplicate.


When testing the Lulzbot mini I had an issue with the Pause at Height or layer function. This was accessed through Extensions --> Post Processing --> Modify G-code. I was using Cura 3.2.27

At the same time we had a customer that had the same issue with their Mini. She is using Windows.

When I hit pause and resume, the print would start a layer 0 and was off 1cm to the left and 1cm to the rear.
When our customer tried using Pause at Height they were having similar issues on ticket 180395.

She states that when resuming her print the nozzle is also 1cm off on the x-offset. I had her tighten the belt and run another print. In this case the printer started printing in midair. Had her upgrade Cura, clean the cache and update firmware. Had her send over screen shots.

Hope this helps.

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@victor_larchenko , assigning this one to you as well it seems like a duplicate of T10249. Feel free to close it if this is the case.