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Make quiver dual test stand and gcode
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We will need a test stand for quiver tool heads and some spit test gcode to run on them.

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I will need a quiver control box to accomplish this task as the current dual test stands will not support actuators

@logan check with @west as we had some earlier rev chassis in R&D. They may have different size LCD but should still work.

How are the interface boards being tested?
Should they be tested with the tool head?

I imagine a continuity test would be good
@mjpelletier what are your thoughts

@west We don't have equipment for continuity tests on PCBs to my knowledge.

I think it would be best to assemble the tool head and carriage in pre-sub, and have the tool head assemblers test the whole tool head with the interface board. Only feasible way I see to test these.
This makes it easier to test the tool head too.

This presents a few challenges during final; cant reach screws that mount x carriage to x bearing holder (an adjustment is available for rod spacing) and with the interface board on it is hard to reach for belt routing.
We need a plan for testing interface boards

logan added a comment.Jan 3 2019, 2:54 PM

My current recommendation is not to do a full spit test in pre-sub and keep functional testing limited to the following:
Verify actuator function
Verify heat on both nozzles to 260C
Verify heatsink fans
Verify cooling fan
Visually verify motor function in both directions
Verify probe function

The reason for this is to aide calibration; the auto nozzle calibration utilizes surfaces of the nozzle that aren't as accurately cleaned with the wipe sequence. I feel it would be best to keep the tool heads free of filament until after the auto nozzle calibration is complete so that calibrators don't need to worry about removing filament or cleaning the nozzle thoroughly prior to auto calibration. This would reduce time spent in presub testing as well as reduce wasted material.
@kent what do you think?

The probe function we can verify by extending a lead from the case that the assembler will touch to the nozzle at the end of the test while the gcode utilizes M226 to proceed.

kent added a comment.Jan 4 2019, 8:03 AM

@logan I think it would work let's give it a shot and we can revert to the old way very quickly if any issues arise.

logan raised the priority of this task from Normal to High.Jan 21 2019, 7:53 AM

Gathering parts for chassis
Starting on mount today

logan added a comment.EditedJan 25 2019, 10:08 AM

Stand is built minus an interconnect housing
Working on gcode now

logan reassigned this task from logan to kent.

Complete, ready for review and merge

kent closed this task as Resolved.Jan 28 2019, 12:23 PM

Thanks @logan. This is merged in now with e4e8160bcf14609057856c334ac42b0881fdf5e4.

$ git diff master --summary 
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/tool-head_test-stand/assembly/assembly.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/tool-head_test-stand/assembly/parts/250mmExtrusion.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/tool-head_test-stand/assembly/parts/500mmExtrusion.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/tool-head_test-stand/assembly/parts/Zupper.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/tool-head_test-stand/assembly/parts/case_assembly.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/tool-head_test-stand/assembly/parts/chassis.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/tool-head_test-stand/assembly/parts/chassis_cover.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/tool-head_test-stand/assembly/parts/corner_bracket.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/tool-head_test-stand/assembly/parts/frame.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/tool-head_test-stand/assembly/parts/interconnect_cover.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/tool-head_test-stand/assembly/parts/interconnect_housing.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/tool-head_test-stand/e1_to_interface.odg
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/tool-head_test-stand/e2_to_interface.odg
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/tool-head_test-stand/extrusion_holder.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/tool-head_test-stand/extrusion_holder.stl
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/tool-head_test-stand/frame_brace.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/tool-head_test-stand/frame_brace.stl
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/tool-head_test-stand/interface_board_harness.odg
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/tool-head_test-stand/interfaceboard_frame-mount.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/tool-head_test-stand/interfaceboard_frame-mount.stl
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/tool-head_test-stand/qdual_hanger_v0.2.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/tool-head_test-stand/qdual_hanger_v0.2.stl
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/tool-head_test-stand/qdualtest.gcode
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We need another one of these made, there is a bottleneck at this test.

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logan added a comment.May 1 2019, 9:17 AM

Frame is together, parts printing now. I thing have everything else on hand for this so it shouldn't take too long.

yay! thank you sir!

logan added a comment.May 1 2019, 2:33 PM

My apologies, it looks like one of the connectors I need is one we don't keep on hand, I have submitted a purchase request for them.

tutley added a subscriber: tutley.May 2 2019, 2:56 PM

@logan i gave steven the connector and he will bring it to you tomorrow

logan closed this task as Resolved.May 6 2019, 3:47 PM

I delivered a second test stand to AR this morning.