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Unable to print back to back from SD card after upgrade
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Unable to do back to back prints from the SD card after upgrading to Cura 3.2.27 and to Marlin firmware.
After the wipe sequence the printhead goes to the front left washer as it normally does, however, instead of going downward it goes upward a little bit, then down, but is way to far from the washer to do the electrical capacitance check and thus fails, wipes, fails, repeat for a total of 3 times and errors out. Shut printer off and turn back on and then you can complete a successful print. Sending the printer to the home position first does not resolve this problem, the error still occurs from the home position.

Back to back prints can be done successfully if printing to the USB port.

Printer = Lulzbot Taz 6
Print head = Aerostruder

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