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UL document requirements
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Drawings needed to send in for UL testing

The documents that were requested in the previous review of TAZ 6 were:

AC inlet spec sheet
Main PCB flammability rating
Electrical spec sheet for tool head thermistor
Electrical spec sheet for heater cartridge
Electrical spec sheet for heat bed
Marking label material
Caution hot markings (this was agreed upon last time that the current location is fine because the heated surface is covered during use)
Total number of motors and spec sheet
Spec sheets for all fans
Electrical rating of the product
Front panel power switch spec sheet
Connector spec sheets/ratings
Complete electrical drawing
Power supply spec sheet

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I will start gathering the vendor spec sheets for commidity items.

I am not seeing the archim 2 listed on ultimachine's site, we will probably need to request that information.

I know there was concern about toolhead thermistors needing to change due to discontinuation. We will likely want to discuss that with E3D, we would want this to be a clean switch for T7 to avoid firmware issues.

I think on Hibiscus we needed PCB flammability and/or some kind of marking for all PCBs. Which would mean USB, Toolhead, and LCD, in addition to the main board. I think the marking was already taken into consideration for all custom boards.

I don't know anything about marking label material. Does anyone else?

I assume the complete electrical drawing and electrical rating will be coming from @mjpelletier ?

samantha added a subscriber: west.Sep 18 2018, 11:31 AM

I have gathered documents for:

  • toolhead heatsink fans
  • toolhead blower
  • PSU
  • Power switch
  • Power entry
  • toolhead heater
  • all connector pins
  • case fan
  • toolhead motors
  • X/Y motors

What we are currently missing:

  • geared motors (custom, but just mechanically and not electrically as far as I am aware. Not sure if anything different is needed or if other motor documentation works)
  • heat bed
  • toolhead thermistor (need to discuss with E3D)

@tutley @west Do you have anything for those last 3 listed items?


Motors: i think the other motor documentation for the half height nema should be fine since it is the same motor just with a gearbox attached.
Heated Bed: according to william the same ul stuff we supplied for the mini bed will apply for the TAZ
UL- Part marked cURus-UL Recognized under our file E65652
Note: c indicates that UL tested to CSA stds also and passed it.

CSA-Part marked CSA (CN) Recognized under our file 043099
Note: They used to have an LR in front so LR 043099 just in
case it were to come up for some reason but not likely.

for the thermistors, as you mentioned we need to see what e3d plans to do about the semitec gt2 being discontinued since i think it is what they are using in their cartridge.

Thank you @tutley. I have added the heatbed UL info to the datasheet pile. Looks like what we are left needing is:

Toolhead thermistor information (pending discussion with E3D)
marking label material
PCB flamability rating(s)
electrical rating
complete electrical drawing

@samantha i spoke with @jessica about the thermistors and she will ask e3d tomorrow what their plan is for the discontinued GT-2 thermistors

@samantha here is the document containing thermistor info, etc. for the heated bed

Thermistor concern has been sorted out and datasheet has been added to the collection. I have also added the bed drawing @tutley posted.

I will work on updating the drawing for the bedplate to add the caution logos to the back as well.

Correction, current bed plate drawing already has safety symbols silk screened on both sides.

As far as I am aware, this leaves us with:
marking label material
PCB flamability rating(s)
electrical rating
complete electrical drawing
locations for marking "caution hot" for tool head
pinch point concerns

we are getting closer to UL so picking this one back up.

are these docs on the repo some where or can you point me to where they are saved?

as far as the list above... we have the locations for the caution hot, but where are we on the other items.

@samantha @tutley

Steven added a subscriber: Steven.Feb 21 2019, 12:14 PM

@DaniAO the documents are in the Intertek folder which is shared with you. I'm reviewing now and will add here shortly what is still needed.

Steven added a comment.EditedFeb 21 2019, 1:16 PM

These are the items currently missing:

  • Flat bill of materials
  • Complete electrical system - @mjpelletier is working on this
  • LCD spec sheet

Flat BoM has been added

Working on getting the rear label updated

I have completed wiring diagrams for the TAZ Pro. They are 2 PDF files, 1 of the Main Chassis and 1 of the Print Head.

@mjpelletier thanks. @DaniAO I think we're just waiting on the labels and the LCD spec sheet. Purchasing is working on trying to get the correct one.

Rear Label ticket T3645

Just need to get the artwork added for the caution hot sticker and plate to the file.

Artwork for the 2 cation hot sticker/tags are in the folder.

DaniAO closed this task as Resolved.Feb 22 2019, 3:21 PM

I think we have everything so closing this one down for now.