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Make TAZ 7 Control Box test stand
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We will need a TAZ 7 control box test stand similar to the one used on TAZ 6.

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kent created this task.Sep 20 2018, 7:20 AM
kent triaged this task as Normal priority.
kent changed the edit policy from "All Users" to "LulzBot Hardware Products (Project)".

@kent yes, we will want to test them in the same fashion

logan added a subscriber: tutley.Oct 2 2018, 7:33 AM

Connections needed for this fixture:
Bed harness:
2x pin anderson
3x pin male molex
2x pin male molex

X/Extruder Harness:
1x 24 pin Microfit Male
1x JST Male
1x- 2 pin male molex

Y/Z Harness:
3x- JST Male

Taking lessons learned from TAZ 6 control box test stands:
Use jumpers instead of board mounted connectors. The reason for this is the board mounted connectors will break and when they do they're much more difficult to replace. I will design printed parts that will hold jumper connections in place. One of the control box test stands for TAZ 6 already feature a similar part. Repair is a simple matter of removing the rear plate, loosening two screws, and unplugging the affected jumper. It can then be easily repaired and reinstalled.
Make modifications to the test stand that would allow for proper testing without modification of the firmware. This will include bypassing thermal protections by use of resistors. During the process of making test stand firmware for TAZ 6, the source config for the firmware wasn't saved anywhere so figuring out what all will need done will involve some testing once the fixture is built.

Current plan is to use fans to visualize the heat power lines much like TAZ 6. In addition to 7 fans we will need 6 motors.

One thought that just came to mind, the TAZ 6 gcode uses endstops to trigger the next step by the operator. I will have to think of a new way considering there is only one endstop and the rest are bump stops.
This is important as it requires the operator to interact with the fixture and watch the test in order for it to complete. It needs to be unable to proceed without operator interaction, somehow.
Any ideas? @tutley @kent

logan added a subscriber: marcio.Oct 2 2018, 7:45 AM

This may not be what we want to do, as I'm unsure how difficult it is, but what if we did have custom firmware that would require the operator to touch different spots on the touchscreen with prompts to observe different motions?
@marcio thoughts?

tutley added a comment.EditedOct 2 2018, 7:53 AM

@logan we will likely want to check the stall detect function also. This would have to be done by stalling out the motor. maybe have some type of stop mechanism installed on each motor shaft and when prompted to stop x motor (which would have been triggering x min/max on the taz 6 CB to move test forward) the user will engage the stop and that will allow the test to move forward if stall detect is functioning properly

logan added a comment.Oct 2 2018, 8:59 AM

@tutley I think in order to accomplish that safely the pinch point created by the stop mechanism would need to be enclosed. I've got some visualization in my head how that could be done. Let me get something together in FreeCAD and we will revisit.

tutley added a comment.Oct 2 2018, 9:04 AM

@logan we have a few nema's with brakes on them you could set it up for a push a button to trigger the brake

logan added a comment.Oct 2 2018, 9:16 AM

@tutley That sounds like a WAY better idea! I will come check those out at some point today

logan added a comment.Oct 2 2018, 2:53 PM

Yeah these are the way to go.
The test stand will have an internal power supply to supply 24v to the stepper brakes.
I have begun making an assembly in FreeCAD and designing the printed parts, I will post here when I have finished my draft assembly.

kent reassigned this task from kent to logan.Oct 9 2018, 2:47 PM
logan added a comment.Oct 9 2018, 3:31 PM

Quick screenshot of where I'm at right now
Aiming for more robust, easier to service/repair. The front panel will be hinged, a handle hole will be in the top of the back panel. The bottom panel has a power supply/receptacle mount. Just need to design the jumper harness panels and the rest of the frame brackets/panels.

logan added a comment.Oct 9 2018, 3:33 PM

Oh and for the triggering switches I've ordered Cherry MX keyboard switches. These are good for billions of cycles. The endstop switches we've been using wear out too quickly and require replacement as they begin to be triggered by ghosts, one test stand has had the switches replaced twice.

marcio added a comment.Oct 9 2018, 3:38 PM

@logan: This would make for a nice spaceship control panel. Ever thought about getting into set design?

Yeah, I didn't think through those Cherry MX switches very thoroughly, as nice as they would be I don't think they're suitable for this application because they're a normally open switch rated for 12v, 10mA. I need a normally closed switch rated for 24v, 200mA to interrupt the 24v going to the stepper brake, therefore engaging it.
I will be looking for a suitable switch with a long cycle lifespan.

@logan: If you really want those switches, you could add a relay to invert the polarity and boost the current rating.

@marcio I had spent some time on friday trying to design a circuit that would accomplish that, but with my limited expertise in the area of electrical engineering I was unable to find a suitable relay. I would need a normally closed relay rated for switching 24v/200mA with a 12v coil under 10mA. I would also need to step down the voltage from 24v to 12v before the switch.
That route would also introduce another possible failure point as relays wear out over time.
While switches wear out they may still be easier to replace than diagnosing/repairing an addition circuit board, so the best route to mitigate that might just be finding a longer lasting, normally closed switch with the proper ratings.

Those switches are hella cool, but I'm not entirely convinced it is worth the extra effort to implement them in this design. Which bums me out because of the cool factor ;)

I would need a normally closed relay rated for switching 24v/200mA with a 12v coil under 10mA.

Yes, that might be a stretch, 10mA isn't much. One goofy way to do it would be to have another mini-rambo board that would have the motor break connected to a heater pin and the Cherry-MX switches connected to endstop pins -- and then some custom FW that basically polls the Cherry-MX and toggles the heater pin on and off.

It's a $125 solution to a simple problem, but I bet we have a busted mini-RAMBO board we could use for that :)

logan added a comment.Oct 16 2018, 8:24 AM

We have decided on a new route for switches, we'll be using black arcade buttons.
This accomplishes two important goals:

  1. Lifespan - these arcade buttons have a life expectancy above 10 million cycles
  2. Cool factor - different colors would've been neat but we went all black so that we needn't create 4 different part numbers

They extend quite far behind the panel however so I will have to put them on an additional panel on the left side and extend the jumpers for connection to the control box.

logan added a comment.EditedOct 17 2018, 9:09 AM

Here is a pic of the assembly as it stands currently

kent closed this task as a duplicate of Restricted Maniphest Task.Oct 19 2018, 8:54 AM
logan reopened this task as Open.Oct 19 2018, 9:28 AM
logan merged a task: Restricted Maniphest Task.
logan added subscribers: west, mjpelletier.

@tutley @west @marcio @karrad @Steven @kent
something I had forgotten about until now; what is the status on the filament sensor? is it still looking like that will be implemented in production units?

the related question; how would we test that circuit of the CB? what functions do the individual portions of that connection need to perform?

west added a comment.Oct 24 2018, 10:38 AM

AFIK we are going forward with the sensor. I suppose we could just add a senor to the test fixture and run filament through it.

logan added a comment.Oct 24 2018, 1:15 PM

It would have to move in conjunction with the extruder motor wouldn't it? otherwise it would prevent extrusion moves

After discussing with @kent I am going to try a secondary fixture that will have filament run out sensor with some extruder or something to pull a length of filament through the sensor, with the extruder motor wired in parallel with the one on the stand for directional visualization i guess

logan added a comment.Oct 24 2018, 2:09 PM

I am completely open to any other ideas or feedback on this to streamline the testing process, there's always a better way

logan added a comment.Nov 2 2018, 1:28 PM

I am nearing design completion for this fixture and getting ready to push to repo

There is a separate fixture that accompanies this fixture for testing the filament sensor functions.
I just need to go through cable harnesses again and add part numbers etc

logan lowered the priority of this task from Normal to Low.Nov 5 2018, 3:31 PM

Currently waiting on the connectors for the extruder harness jumper via PO28381, then all that is left is building all of the cabling and installing it.
After that is complete we'll need a TAZ 7 Control Box to make gcode and document the testing process/failure modes.

logan added a comment.Nov 7 2018, 12:37 PM

Connectors have arrived

Only 7 external harnesses needed to complete the fixture:
Z-Max External
Bed Thermistor Jumper
bed ground jumper
4x - External JST motor jumper

logan reassigned this task from logan to Steven.Dec 12 2018, 11:47 AM

Test stand is complete and functional. Gcode complete to test everything except filament run out.
As far as filament run-out goes, the only way to test this is to have the assembler connect to Cura, start the print, open the console, and watch for "Motion detected" then stop the corresponding motor and look for the countdown (which currently doesn't count down despite not detecting motion). The poles of the encoder wheel are too close to stop motion detection simply by interrupting one pole as originally planned and @kent is not convinced this is safe practice anyway.
There is currently no way to resume a USB print from CuraLE that was stopped from filament run-out. Cura will freeze if you try to abort the print and restart, and the machine will not respond to anything (cura or LCD) until you power off and restart.
I am out of ideas regarding testing the filament sensor function of the CB assembly.
Personally, I think it adds too much time and complexity to this test compared to TAZ6 and the only proposed methods for testing it are unreliable. Currently, even with everything set up properly on a machine, the filament sensor does not function reliably as intended.
Please advise how you'd like to proceed.
My current recommendation is to disable filament run out detection for this test and use the cable scan to test the harness(s) before install. This would mean that the corresponding function of the archim would not be tested until calibration.

logan added a comment.Jan 10 2019, 7:47 AM

Switching one of the resistor leads to a different value resistor would make it easier to determine that the thermistor connectors are plugged in in the correct location; each hot end will report a specific value, and if they are reversed it would be a fail.

logan added a comment.Jan 10 2019, 9:54 AM

Retested today with most current firmware to ensure this behavior hasn't improved, no change. @kent @Steven

Steven reassigned this task from Steven to mjpelletier.Jan 15 2019, 8:14 AM

@mjpelletier can you please work with @logan on this?

On T4825 @marcio wrote:

Mark P asked me to add a screen that shows the runout sensor state. I did so in .73. It is part of a "secret" developer's menu. To access:

Go to "Menu -> About Printer"
Touch the "(c) 2018 Aleph Objects, Inc"
Click the "Show Pin States" button.
Mark says he will create a board for you guys that will toggle the runout pin on and off. If you plug that board in, and go to the pins states screen, it should flash the indicator on and off.

You can also use this new screen to test Z_MAX and Z_MIN (with a wire between the bed washer and the nozzle).

I just completed a test board that can be attached to the filament sensor cables of the control box as part of this test. The board is simply attached to the two 3-pin plugs of the filament sensor harness and is powered by the 3.3V lines of the harness. 2 red LEDs will indicate whether the power lines are wired correctly and the board will provide signals to mimic the signals of the filament sensors. A push-button selects 5 test modes: E1-E2 Off, E1 pulsed, E2 pulsed, E1 andE2 alternately pulsed and E1-E2 On. Yellow and green LEDs will indicate the state of the pulses.

I would suggest a separate test fixture for the filament sensor assembly to make sure the sensor boards are aligned properly and correctly generating signals.

logan added a comment.Jan 16 2019, 8:22 AM

Aweome! Thanks @mjpelletier! Looking forward to seeing this in action and getting it implemented to the fixture/process.
T4825 is about testing the filament sensor assembly itself and I had an idea there I was hoping you could look at.

logan claimed this task.Jan 16 2019, 3:25 PM

Received the board from @mjpelletier, works great! I am working on implementing this to the fixture now and then revising process instructions.

logan reassigned this task from logan to kent.
logan raised the priority of this task from Low to Normal.

@marcio @mjpelletier Thank you for your help on this!

Everything updated, on to OHAI. Here is a pic of the final assembly:

@kent This fixture is complete and ready to be reviewed and merged to master

@kent merge might be tricky, looks like work that was done previously to correct the directory path on master has been undone somehow. It was at one point corrected to not contain capitol characters.

kent added a comment.Jan 18 2019, 4:15 PM

Ok this is confirmed working and merged in.

$ git diff --summary master
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/STLs/panel_front-bottom/labels.stl
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/STLs/panel_front-bottom/panel_front-bottom.stl
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/STLs/panel_front-top-right/panel_front-top-right.stl
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/STLs/panel_front-top_main.stl
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/actuator_panel/actuators_good_range.png
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/actuator_panel/assembly-parts/actuators_side-by-side2.fcstd
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/actuator_panel/assembly-parts/panel_actuators_assembly.fcstd1
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/actuator_panel/panel_actuators.fcstd
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/actuator_panel/panel_actuators.stl
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/assembly/Assembly_Front.fcstd
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/assembly/Assembly_Full.fcstd
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/assembly/Assembly_base.fcstd
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/filament_sensor/STLs/encoder-wheel_motor-post.stl
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/filament_sensor/STLs/labels_runout-sensor-test_housing.stl
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/filament_sensor/STLs/panel_filament-sensor.stl
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/filament_sensor/STLs/runout-sensor-test_housing.stl
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/filament_sensor/STLs/sensor_mount.stl
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/filament_sensor/assembly_standalonebox.fcstd
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/filament_sensor/encoder-wheel_motor-post.fcstd
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/filament_sensor/encoder_wheel.fcstd
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/filament_sensor/panel_filament-sensor.fcstd
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/filament_sensor/runout-sensor-test_housing.fcstd
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/filament_sensor/sensor.fcstd
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/filament_sensor/sensor_mount.fcstd
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/hinge/Hinge_Assembly.fcstd
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/panel_front-bottom.fcstd
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/panel_front-top_main_v2.fcstd
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/CB_test_stand/panel_top-front-right_v2.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/2pin-connector_cushion.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/3pin-connector_cushion.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/4pin-connector_cushion.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/Fil_Sense_Simulator/T85_Fil_Test.ino
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/actuator_panel/assembly-parts/actuator_in.fcstd (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/actuator_panel/assembly-parts/actuator_in.step (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/actuator_panel/assembly-parts/actuator_out.fcstd (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/actuator_panel/assembly-parts/actuator_out.step (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/actuator_panel/assembly-parts/actuators.step (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/actuator_panel/assembly-parts/actuators_side-by-side.fcstd (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/actuator_panel/assembly-parts/panel_actuators_assembly.fcstd (59%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/actuator_panel/indicator.stl (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/actuator_panel/indicator_actuator.fcstd (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/actuator_panel/labels_actuator_panel.stl (58%)
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/actuator_panel/panel_actuators.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/actuator_panel/panel_actuators.stl
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/assembly/assembly_base.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/assembly/assembly_front.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/assembly/assembly_full.fcstd
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/assembly/Parts/189-25mmExtrusion.fcstd => control_box_test_stand/assembly/parts/189-25mm_extrusion.fcstd} (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/assembly/Parts/250mmExtrusion.fcstd => control_box_test_stand/assembly/parts/250mm-extrusion.fcstd} (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/assembly/Parts/268mmExtrusion.fcstd => control_box_test_stand/assembly/parts/268mm-extrusion.fcstd} (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/assembly/Parts => control_box_test_stand/assembly/parts}/dual_interface_board_basic.fcstd (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/assembly/Parts => control_box_test_stand/assembly/parts}/fan.fcstd (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/assembly/Parts/Hinge_Assembly.fcstd => control_box_test_stand/assembly/parts/hinge_assembly.fcstd} (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/assembly/Parts => control_box_test_stand/assembly/parts}/nema_17_motor.fcstd (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/assembly/Parts => control_box_test_stand/assembly/parts}/nema_17_motor_with-brake.fcstd (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/assembly/Parts => control_box_test_stand/assembly/parts}/panel_front-bottom_assemblypart.fcstd (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/assembly/Parts/PS.fcstd => control_box_test_stand/assembly/parts/power_supply.fcstd} (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/assembly/Parts/PS.step => control_box_test_stand/assembly/parts/power_supply.step} (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/assembly/Parts => control_box_test_stand/assembly/parts}/stepper_arrow.fcstd (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/BasePlate.fcstd => control_box_test_stand/base_plate.fcstd} (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/cable_harnesses/external_harnesses/bedground-jumper.odg (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/cable_harnesses/external_harnesses/bedthermistor-jumper.odg (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/cable_harnesses/external_harnesses/extruder-jumper.odg (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/cable_harnesses/external_harnesses/filament_sensor_jumper.odg (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/cable_harnesses/external_harnesses/MotorJumper.odg => control_box_test_stand/cable_harnesses/external_harnesses/motor_jumper.odg} (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/cable_harnesses/external_harnesses/z-max-jumper.odg (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/cable_harnesses/internal_harnesses/bedground-probeSW.odg => control_box_test_stand/cable_harnesses/internal_harnesses/bedground-probe-switch.odg} (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/cable_harnesses/internal_harnesses/bedheat-rectifier.odg (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/cable_harnesses/internal_harnesses/bedthermistor.odg (100%)
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/cable_harnesses/internal_harnesses/filament_sensor.odg
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/cable_harnesses/internal_harnesses/InterfaceBoard_left-side.odg => control_box_test_stand/cable_harnesses/internal_harnesses/interface-board_left-side.odg} (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/cable_harnesses/internal_harnesses/InterfaceBoard_right-side.odg => control_box_test_stand/cable_harnesses/internal_harnesses/interface-board_right-side.odg} (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/cable_harnesses/internal_harnesses/interfaceboard-actuator.odg (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/cable_harnesses/internal_harnesses/interfaceboard-front-panel.odg (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/cable_harnesses/internal_harnesses/Internal-Motor-Harness.odg => control_box_test_stand/cable_harnesses/internal_harnesses/internal-motor-harness.odg} (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/cable_harnesses/internal_harnesses/rectifier-lead.odg (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/cable_harnesses/internal_harnesses/resistor-lead.odg (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/cable_harnesses/internal_harnesses/Z-Max_Internal.odg => control_box_test_stand/cable_harnesses/internal_harnesses/z-max_internal.odg} (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/frame_corner.fcstd (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/frame_corner_large-metal.fcstd (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/frame_end-bumper.fcstd (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/frame_T.fcstd => control_box_test_stand/frame_t.fcstd} (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/hinge/Hinge-A.stl => control_box_test_stand/hinge/hinge-a.stl} (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/hinge/HingeB.fcstd => control_box_test_stand/hinge/hinge-b.fcstd} (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/hinge/Hinge-B.stl => control_box_test_stand/hinge/hinge-b.stl} (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/hinge/Hinge.fcstd => control_box_test_stand/hinge/hinge.fcstd} (100%)
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/hinge/hinge_assembly.fcstd
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/Latch-Bracket-Left.fcstd => control_box_test_stand/latch-bracket-left.fcstd} (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/Latch-Bracket-Right.fcstd => control_box_test_stand/latch-bracket-right.fcstd} (100%)
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/lens_v0.3.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/mimic_board_mount.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/panel_front-bottom.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/panel_front-top_main_v3.fcstd
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/panel_rear.fcstd (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/panel_receptacle.fcstd (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/panel_right-side_FanPWM.fcstd => control_box_test_stand/panel_right-side_fan_pwm.fcstd} (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/panel_switches.fcstd (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/panel_top-front-left.fcstd (53%)
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/panel_top-front-right_v2.fcstd
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/software/cb_assembly_test.gcode
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/stepper_arrow.fcstd (100%)
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/stl_files/2pin-connector_cushion.stl
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/stl_files/3pin-connector_cushion.stl
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/stl_files/4pin-connector_cushion.stl
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/STLs/BasePlate.stl => control_box_test_stand/stl_files/base-plate.stl} (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/STLs => control_box_test_stand/stl_files}/frame_corner.stl (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/STLs => control_box_test_stand/stl_files}/frame_end-bumper.stl (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/STLs/frame_T.stl => control_box_test_stand/stl_files/frame_t.stl} (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/STLs => control_box_test_stand/stl_files}/latch-bracket_left.stl (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/STLs => control_box_test_stand/stl_files}/latch-bracket_right.stl (100%)
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/stl_files/lens_v0.3.stl
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/stl_files/mimic_board_mount.stl
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/STLs => control_box_test_stand/stl_files}/panel_front-bottom.step (100%)
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/stl_files/panel_front-bottom/labels.stl
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/stl_files/panel_front-bottom/panel_front-bottom.stl
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/stl_files/panel_front-top-main/labels_panel_front-top-main_v3.stl
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/stl_files/panel_front-top-main/panel_front-top-main_v3.stl
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/STLs => control_box_test_stand/stl_files}/panel_front-top-right/labels_panel_front-top-right.stl (76%)
 create mode 100644 production_parts/jigs/tooling/control_box_test_stand/stl_files/panel_front-top-right/panel_front-top-right.stl
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/STLs => control_box_test_stand/stl_files}/panel_rear.stl (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/STLs => control_box_test_stand/stl_files}/panel_receptacle.stl (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/STLs/panel_right-side_FanPWM/labels_right-side_FanPWM.stl => control_box_test_stand/stl_files/panel_right-side_fan_pwm/labels_right-side_fan_pwm.stl} (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/STLs/panel_right-side_FanPWM/panel_right-side_FanPWM.stl => control_box_test_stand/stl_files/panel_right-side_fan_pwm/panel_right-side_fan_pwm.stl} (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/STLs => control_box_test_stand/stl_files}/panel_switches/labels_panel_switches.stl (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/STLs => control_box_test_stand/stl_files}/panel_switches/panel_switches.stl (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/STLs => control_box_test_stand/stl_files}/panel_top-front-left/labels_panel_top-front-left.stl (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/STLs => control_box_test_stand/stl_files}/panel_top-front-left/panel_top-front-left.stl (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/STLs => control_box_test_stand/stl_files}/stepper_arrow-wheel.stl (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/STLs => control_box_test_stand/stl_files}/stepper_arrows.stl (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand/STLs => control_box_test_stand/stl_files}/switch_contact_cover.stl (100%)
 rename production_parts/jigs/tooling/{CB_test_stand => control_box_test_stand}/switch_contact_cover.fcstd (100%)
kent closed this task as Resolved.Jan 18 2019, 4:19 PM