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update Mini 2 Banded and Dingy and Micro names
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We need to add the retail names to tool head selection for Mini 2 banded and dingy

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karrad added a comment.Oct 4 2018, 1:21 PM

Once marketing determines final names, we need to update customer facing side in Cura LE

@Hob tagging you on this ticket as we finalize tool head names.

I see they're updated, but can we add the toolhead size next to them? 0.8mm, 1.2mm, etc


@matth Micro/Macro/Moar are going to be changed to something along the lines of Small Layer (SL), Hardened Steel (HS) 0.8, and Hardened Steel (HS) 1.2.

@Megan and @eBeardslee are working with @Hob to determine final phrasing to maximize SEO hits and prevent customer confusion.

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@eBeardslee The names for printers and tool heads appear in two locations:

I will need the exact names you would like to use for each tool head, and printer tool head combination to update Cura LE.

Note: The white box with the full printer name is the same name shown in the second screenshot

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Orias added a subscriber: Orias.Oct 15 2018, 9:13 AM

We're hashing out the names right now, to make sure they'll fit well. Is it possible to change the Tool Head section label of the add printer wizard to "Tool Head | Nozzle Diameter" to further support this?

@Orias An update to the label is doable:

Wouldn't it be best to have the diameter of the nozzle on each line?

Orias added a comment.EditedOct 15 2018, 12:30 PM

Here's one example of what we were knocking around this morning for the Mini 2 tool head selection:

Standard | 0.5 mm
Aerostruder v2 Micro | 0.25 mm
SL Small Layer| 0.25 mm
HS Hardened Steel | 0.8 mm
HS+ Hardened Steel | 1.2 mm

edit: remove redundant "Tool Head"

@Orias I'm confused, small layer and micro are the same tool head?

@karrad this is a bit of redundancy built in to deal with people that got a Micro and not an SL

@eBeardslee The logistics of duplicating and maintaining two sets of profiles, definitions, etc is not going to be something we can do from a software standpoint. (In general bad practice)

how about "SL Small Layer| 0.25 mm (Micro)" or "Micro | SL Small Layer| 0.25 mm"

I vote the former. @Orias how does that sound?

Awesome. Can i get the final list of tool head names please? A lot has been kicked back and forth, and I don't want it lost in translation

Orias added a comment.Oct 15 2018, 1:59 PM

Standard | 0.5 mm
SL Small Layer| 0.25 mm (Micro)
HS Hardened Steel | 0.8 mm
HS+ Hardened Steel | 1.2 mm

matth added a comment.EditedOct 15 2018, 2:15 PM

What about the Macro and Moar tags? Shouldn't it be:

Standard | 0.5 mm
SL Small Layer| 0.25 mm (Micro)
HS Hardened Steel | 0.8 mm (Macro)
HS+ Hardened Steel | 1.2 mm (Moar)

@matth Macro and Moar have not been released to the public, so we shouldn't have a need to add in the parenthesis to avoid confusion.

@eBeardslee The "standard | 0.5mm" could be confusing for TAZ 5/6 customers as it is not the standard tool head.

Also, what do you want the printers named? "LulzBot Mini 2 SL Small Layer| 0.25 mm (Micro)" would be our existing convention. However this length gets cut off when viewing in Cura:

Orias added a comment.Oct 16 2018, 8:50 AM

This would work: LulzBot Mini 2 | SL | 0.25 mm

Hey all, Josef and I were chatting this morning and wanted to get the feedback on this ticket:

(08:01:52 AM) Alright what is the ticket?
(08:02:10 AM) brent.i:
(08:02:45 AM) Oh yeah Eric mentioned this to me yesterday.
(08:02:57 AM) brent.i: mainly just the last few comments there.
(08:03:39 AM) brent.i: Yeah, I am really worried about calling it the "standard | 0.5mm" as it will be compatible with mini 1, taz 5, and taz 6
(08:03:59 AM) brent.i: If a customer selects it, it will flash the wrong firmware, cause the wrong probe points, and damage PEI/nozzle/carriage/etc
(08:07:02 AM) Hmm good point. When Eric mentioned it to me all I could think of is Standard Aero but he said we are moving away from Aero. Got any other ideas on what to call it?
(08:08:38 AM) brent.i: Nope, but Standard | 0.5mm will cause more confusion that the Aero v1 vs v2 scenario
(08:09:05 AM) brent.i: Just wanted to be sure I wasn't going crazy, been awhile since I was in tech support
(08:09:36 AM) ***brent.i has the marketing meeting today, and is sure it will come up
(08:12:51 AM) Yeah I think you are right on, I had not thought of that when Eric told me though. Right now the "standard" tool head for each printer in the Cura selector is call just "Single Extruder," I assume we are not planning on changing that. So someone seeing that and standard extruder is likely to make that mistake.

Maybe we should change the "Single Extruder" to "Default tool head," but I still can't think of something instead of standard.
(08:18:58 AM) brent.i: Yeah, brings up the worm of all the start guides showing "select single extruder"
(08:19:09 AM) brent.i: have to re-do all the documentation, or it would lead to more confusion
(08:19:28 AM) brent.i: not a good spot to be in
(08:19:38 AM) Right. Well keeping single extruder is not that bad then.
(08:19:45 AM) brent.i: If we do separate names for each printer, the packaging won't make sense and cause confusion.
(08:20:25 AM) brent.i: Will be harder to market as well, as we won't have a coherent name for vids, ads, etc

@eBeardslee @Hob I am sorry I did not mention this earlier in the meeting. If we need to put a universal naming for the standard tool head, do we want to consider universal for SL, HS, and HS+?

This would open the door to future bundles and advertising for the "universal" print system/bundle.

"TAZ 6, Mini 2, Micro/Macro/Moar/V3, 2 adapter mounts + an enclosure for each printer! With this one stop bundle you are perfectly positioned to print anything on any machine! No need to purchase separate tool heads for each printer with this universal system! Ideal for schools and small manufacturing outfits, as you can print everything from fine detail to large strong parts fast! Need soluble support? no issue, this includes a V3 dual extruder for those tough tricky designs!"

Sorry for the cheesy late night infomercial, but it seems like this has merit from a marketing standpoint. As we have not finalized labels, now would be the time to consider this

karrad added a comment.EditedOct 17 2018, 7:03 PM

Oh, we also discussed going to "universal mount" for Mini 1, Taz 5, and Taz 6, adapters.

This would further support the ecosystem. It has the added benefit of being easily distinguishable for sales, tech support, and new customers.

@lansky @Megan thoughts?

Edit: added adapters

@karrad Yeah being able to use the same tool head for a Taz 6 and Mini with just the change of adapter/mount sounds good to me.

Megan added a comment.Oct 18 2018, 9:11 AM

I definitely like the idea of adding in universal for the adapters to name and identify the mounting system and tie the ecosystem together

New standard tool head name:
LulzBot SE Tool Head | Single Extruder | 0.5 mm (Full name)
SE Tool Head | Single Extruder | 0.5 mm (Web version)

Cura Selection Screen:
SE Single Extruder | 0.5 mm
SL Small Layer | 0.25 mm (Micro)
HS Hardened Steel | 0.8 mm
HS+ Hardened Steel | 1.2 mm

Upper-right naming convention:
Machine Name | Two letter acronym | Nozzle size

  • TAZ 5 | SE | 0.5 mm
  • TAZ 6 | SL | 0.25 mm

See here for full details /home/aleph/shared-j/Documents/marketing/planning/Tool-head-names/Tool_Head_Names_2018-10.odt

Okay, I have this all staged. With the names you have provided this is how it will look for a TAZ 5/6 printer addition within Cura LE.

The naming of two separate tool heads as "single extruder" will cause confusion for a customer. If/when a customer selects an incorrect tool head, it will flash the incorrect firmware. This incorrect firmware will cause the customers machine to not function properly, along with a high chance of damaging components on the printer. We cannot use single extruder for this reason

So we are continuing with the current naming convention. We will remove the modifiers and go with the two letter acronym, pipe, nozzle size e.g., "HS | 0.8 mm", "SE (Aero v2) | 0.5 mm"...

@eBeardslee Are we adding "(Aero v2)" to all the new tool heads? At the moment, the mount adapter is labeled "LulzBot TAZ 5/6/Mini 1 Universal Tool head Adapter"

@karrad just to the SE for people that currently have the Mini 2

@Orias @eBeardslee Do you want lulzbot in the printer name after being selected?

@Megan @lansky @eBeardslee @Orias I have the tool head names staged, please let me know if these are acceptable:

Mini 1 Selection:

Mini 2 Selection:

TAZ 5 Selection:

TAZ 6 Selection:

Once I have the thumbs up from all 4 of you, I will commit those changes.

lansky added a comment.EditedOct 22 2018, 12:48 PM

@karrad Looks good, only thing I would like is to have the Mini 2 default (top option) to SE, as thats the tool head it comes with.

In T3750#75844, @karrad wrote:

@Orias @eBeardslee Do you want lulzbot in the printer name after being selected?

Looks good to me, Do all the names fit without being truncated?

@karrad Are the tool head names manually or alphabetically sorted?

@Orias As we dropped the duplication of spelling out HS/HS+/SL; we should be able to fit in LulzBot w/o truncating any printer selection for the drop down bar

Alphabetically sorted right now with what appears to be a preferred tool head at the top. Digging into it now, not sure where that sorting is living right now for @lansky 's request

@lansky Sorting will be discussed on T4212 for all tool heads and printers.

@Megan @eBeardslee Let me know your thoughts on the screen shots above

Megan added a comment.Oct 22 2018, 2:59 PM

@karrad they look good to me

@karrad if we're able to put LulzBot in there without truncating then this would be my pick.

karrad closed this task as Resolved.Oct 22 2018, 3:20 PM

Build locally to see new tool head names, screen shots may change depending on T4212

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