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Evaluation of Liteworld Enclosure
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This task is to evaluate the feasibility of continuing to offer the Liteworld enclosure. Price point has increased by $100 and decreases our margins

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What would we be raising the price to? I'm not 100% certain that I'll be able to actively sell these to customers but as we are already working with them on potentially fixing another issue they have with our printers, networking issues, this might still be a valuable product to offer them. The big reason they went for this is that it's both rigid and encloses the entire printer, filament spool and all. The addition of the fan with a filter was an added bonus that they rather liked.

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We could always approach LiteWorld with a little better reseller margin and see if they would honor the old price?

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Hey! Sorry, what am I missing here... what do I need to do with this right now?

So I'm now hearing about the new vacuum formed enclosure that we're pushing towards. Does this have potential to replace Liteworld enclosure?

@DaniAO @karrad - Pleases speak to this. I am not part of these discussions.

The vacuum formed ones are still in the process of being designed, but the plan as of right now, would be a very similar shape to the current printed enclosure, with overall less pieces. It won't encase the electronics cases on either printer.

The company we are working with prefers the entire printer to be encased, correct? If so, then these probably aren't going to replace the Liteworld ones.

Did we every hear back on dropping the price at all?

I just received a purchase order requesting two of these enclosures. They are not looking for delivery of these items until early January but we'll need to order more as we only have one enclosure left in stock. They ordered this based on a quote so we'll have to honor the lower pricing for this order. I did briefly mention to my contact that the price was likely to change in the future, but I gave no specifics.

I'm not sure who needs to do what to move forward at this point but I'd like to get the ball rolling a bit if possible.

We could always approach LiteWorld with a little better reseller margin and see if they would honor the old price?

@Rachael did we look into this further?

@DaniAO I don't think this will be an option at this point (their sales numbers are low this year).

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@jessica Did Liteworld give reasons for the price point increase?

@gyukish they claim they are a better quality now.

I get honoring the current order, but we will have to up the price for future orders.

Considering whom is purchasing the majority of these enclosures from us, I don't think a price increase of $100 would make a large difference to them.

I'm going to reach out to our customer whom is purchasing the majority of these and see if I can get an idea of what the future might hold with regards to more enclosures.

@gyukish as discussed, please reach out to the customer to see if we can get any more information on why they want these enclosures or if some of the other options would work instead. If they want these one, try to get a commitment from them.


@DaniAO I got a chance to speak with one of my contacts who is ordering these enclosures. The big features that they really like are, the fact that the enclosure is large enough to also cover the filament reel and that it has a door on the front for easy access. Additionally as the enclosure is rigid it does a fair job of keeping wandering hands away. While the nylon enclosure does cover the entire printer, the fact that it's soft is a big factor for them.

We are presently one of, if not the most popular desktop style printer they use in house. While there are some other concerns regarding the networking of our printers they do prefer the Liteworld enclosure with the TAZ 6. While my contact was not able to provide any commitments towards additional enclosures, he indicated that is was probable that they would order more in the future.

Okay.. we can order more of them. Any purchase of the enclosure going forward will be more expensive. Price has been updated in OCA.

@jessica go a head and order more, and then close the ticket once ordered.

Thank you!

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PO27995 has been placed for 10 enclosures.