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Verify ColorFabb ____fill PLA vs PLA/PHA
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While reviewing the Filament Guide, @youngmrcarlson did some digging and uncovered: >> specifications >> colorFabb bronzeFill - PLA/PHA + fine bronze powder

We don't mention PLA/PHA at all on our colorfabb product pages.

I wasn't able to quickly find that info on our existing TDS or SDS assets, it's something we should look into, and update as needed.

Filament Guide T3001
Product page copy
Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
Product Regulatory Information Sheet (PRIS)

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Orias created this task.Oct 11 2018, 4:22 PM

This applies to copperFill, bronzeFill, woodFill, and bambooFill.

adam added a comment.Oct 12 2018, 12:41 PM

So... looks like all SDSs make mention of a PLA blend with proprietary additives which has covered copolyester blends in the past. I think for the purposes of the SDS the PHA is considered a proprietary additive that they do not need to disclose. I will touch base with colorFabb to see if they have updated materials available that we can use. It might be something that we need to update in our copy, but they are likely not (based on my experience with SDS) required to disclose all the other plastics used in the blend provided they have fully disclosed health and environmental concerns/procedures.
Side note: bambooFill is discontinued and it's very unlikely that we can get an updated SDS to a material they are no longer producing.

adam added a comment.Oct 22 2018, 8:16 AM

Verified that the base material is their PLA/PHA. They are looking to see if they can get the SDSs updated.

adam added a comment.Nov 19 2018, 8:44 AM

bronzefill and copperfill SDSs updated on devel