Cura freezing 3.2.29
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If you abort a print and click print from USB cura freezes and you have to close out and restart it both for mini and taz

west created this task.Oct 15 2018, 10:01 AM
karrad added a comment.EditedOct 15 2018, 1:52 PM

@west Unable to duplicate on my machine. Any more info to help duplicate this?

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closing this one down, please re-open if the issue pops up again

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@karrad I'm still seeing it. @logan this is the ticket i was talking about.
I've been ablt to repeat it almost every time. Steps:
start a print
mid print cancel
switch to prepare screen
start pring
Cura says there is a print in progress
abort print
start print and freeze

Ive also had it happen after a print is done and is cooling down

logan added a comment.Fri, Dec 7, 7:17 AM

Yep same steps, basically every time I abort a print (wait for moves to finish) and then attempt to restart the print. If I don't want CuraLE to freeze, I must disconnect, power off the machine, power back on, and reconnect before attempting to start another print. Otherwise it freezes as soon as start print is selected and the print doesn't start. I had not noticed this issue before starting quiver, but I rarely print from USB anymore.

logan added a comment.Fri, Dec 7, 7:17 AM

Also I'm on 3.2.32 on Hillstar

karrad added a comment.Fri, Dec 7, 8:02 AM

@logan What printer and tool head combo? I am unable to duplicate on Mini 2 Cecropia

karrad added a comment.Fri, Dec 7, 9:50 AM

@logan Sounds good. The first alphas will be going to anolen for profile development, I should be getting ~5th or 6th out of MER for testing.

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