Model changes without migrations
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After finishing the first migrate (see T415) I get a warning that the models have changes not reflected on migrations. Here is the output of the makemigrations command, I run to create them.

Migrations for 'ohai_kit':
    - Alter field footer_logo on ohaikitsetting
    - Alter field header_logo on ohaikitsetting
    - Alter field misc_photo on ohaikitsetting
    - Alter field photo on project
    - Alter field photo on projectset
    - Alter field attachment on stepattachment
    - Alter field thumbnail on stepattachment
    - Alter field photo on steppicture
comzeradd created this task.Apr 4 2016, 1:54 AM

It looks like the FileSystemStorage has the hardcoded path of where to store the files in the migration. I'm going to look at this and see why and get it fixed.. but it looks like if you change the path (from my own, which is probably always going to happen), then you will have that problem where you need a new migration to alter the hardcoded path from previous migrations.