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Lulzbot mini randomly stops midprint.
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MacBook Pro - Mac OS Sierra Version: 10.12.2 (16C68)
Cura LulzBot Edition Version: 3.2.27
LulzBot Mini Firmware Version:

I am having an issue printing with a LulzBot Mini connected via USB cable to a MacBook Pro. The LulzBot Mini stops printing randomly midprint. The extruder and print bed freeze and just stay in place where they stopped and the object ends up with a blob of melted plastic where the extruder stopped moving. When I abort the print the printer responds. But when I pause and resume the print, nothing happens.

I have tried the following troubleshooting steps to no avail:
Using a different USB cable, using a different USB port on the MacBook Pro, rebooting the MacBook Pro, rebooting the LulzBot Mini, updating Cura LulzBot Edition, updating firmware on LulzBot Mini, deleting the object from Cura and slicing the object again.

Please see these three screenshots of the log files I saved from the console for three different failed prints.
I copied the log entries from the console into Notes. The screenshots are from the time the prints freeze.

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@alichataq We are sorry to hear about the issues. If possible, can you grab the log from your machine? This may help provide more information and can be found: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/cura-lulzbot/3.2/cura-lulzbot.log

After pulling the log, we would also like you to try cura 3.2.29 from here: We made some improvements to USB communication in this version which may help, but would like to review your original log to verify.

Sorry about the large log file size. It has been there since July.

I also want to update you with some information. I was able to print something else successfully. I am printing one more object and the printer seems to pause momentarily and resume printing. I will let you know if it fails. I cannot rule out the possibility that the gcode files had issues on some of the failed prints. Thanks for the help.

the printer seems to pause momentarily and resume printing.

Ahh, this is what we had fixed up in 3.2.29, the intermittent pauses. What version are you running, and did you follow the un-install directions and clear cache directions when installing?

Sorry for the late reply. I will uninstall Cura and clear the cache and install the newer version of Cura. I will update once I've done so and printed a few times.

@alichataq No problem, thanks for the update! From what you are describing in the second post, I suspect this one should get you cleared up. We look forward to hearing how it goes

Okay, I finally had time to clear the cache, uninstall Cura Lulzbot, and install Cura Lulzbot version 3.2.30. I will update after a few prints.

@alichataq That sounds great! One thing to note, Cura 3.2.30 is still being worked on, and is not in its final form. It should fix your issue, but if you were to download cura 3.2.30 in 2 days, it would be different. When downloading from the devel site, we recommend staying 1 version back from the latest in order to ensure no changes made.

(More of an FYI if we end up using 3.2.30 as a release candidate)

I have an update. After several different prints, the printer seems to be working fine. I think the issue has been resolved. Thank you for the help.

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@alichataq We are glad to hear it, thank you for the follow up! We are going to close this one down, please let us know if you have any other issues.

I was having the same issue with a two week old printer, but .29 and .30 final have worked well for me.

@incanus Great to hear! We should have this in our stable release in ~2 weeks.