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Alpha build quantities - 20 printers
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What is the status of the Alpha build quantities?

20 printers needed for Alpha

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@nickp I'm not certain what you are asking in this ticket.

@nickp - You are asking if all of the material is in house to build 50 units correct?
Right now the process is this, I will have to take the spreadsheet BOM and go line by line through each part in oca and look at stock on hand. This is a manual process that will take hours. I am more than happy to show you how to do this. Kim and I do not have the bandwidth to work on this right now.
I do understand that the BOM keeps changing and that is why it isn't in OCA, how ever if it were I could "explode" it and do a quick visual to give you the information you need. This is why I have asked numerous times what the status is of getting it into OCA.

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There are a few hang ups for putting the BOM in OCA right now. Assemblies are generally determined in the initial Alpha builds. We have seen it is more efficient to wait until we've built the initial 10 Alphas to then begin to tie down assemblies. @kent I think this is what we did with Hibisus?

@jessica an option would be to make a throwaway flat BOM in OCA to use just to get inventory report from.

Kent recommended that we build 20 alphas then, do alpha testing and make any changes that may be needed before moving on to betas. Then we would move on to 30 Betas

My question for @jessica would be, what would the timeline be for part quantities for 20 printers?

kent added a comment.EditedOct 18 2018, 2:29 PM

@Steven for most of the products I have helped with, we start with a prototype that gets delivered from RD, then we generate an MBOM with stand-in part numbers for the assembly (this MBOM has been created for quiver and can be found here), and then this MBOM is used as a reference when creating the OCA bom and any new assembly part numbers are also created at this time. For hibiscus, this was done during the alpha builds, rather than before it iirc.

I spoke to @jessica about the BoM (10-18-18). She's going to "try her best" to get that ready by early next week.

Thank you Jess!!

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