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Release confirmed printed parts for Alpha
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Printed parts from the BOM need review and parts confirmed for Alpha need to be released for printing.

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Steven created this task.Oct 25 2018, 3:37 PM
Steven triaged this task as High priority.
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nickp added subscribers: tutley, nickp.EditedOct 26 2018, 6:48 AM

Here's a compiled list of parts that should not be changing. Part numbers are coming.

@tutley if you see or know of any that got missed please post.

Quiver Printed Parts

PP-GP0238 - 4 pce - Flexy Bed Foot v0.1
PP-GP0357 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 Z upper right
PP-GP0358 - 1 pce -TAZ 7 Z upper left
PP-GP0359 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 Z lower right
PP-GP0360 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 Z lower left
PP-GP0361 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 Z chain bracket
PP-GP0362 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 Y motor mount
PP-GP0363 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 Y idler housing
PP-GP0364 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 Y corner right
PP-GP0365 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 Y corner left
PP-GPxxxx - X pce - TAZ 7 Y Chain pivot mount - Not Ready to Print
PP-GP0367 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 Y chain mount - Not Ready to Print
PP-GP0368 - 4 pce - TAZ 7 Y bump stop
PP-GP0369 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 Y belt mount
PP-GP0370 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 Y belt clamp
PP-GP0371 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 bed chain mounting bracket
PP-GP0372 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 X motor chain mount
PP-GP0373 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 X motor
PP-GP0374 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 X idler
PP-GP0375 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 X double bearing holder
PP-GP0376 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 X carriage
PP-GP0377 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 X bump stop
PP-GP0378 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 X belt tensioner
PP-GP0379 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 X tensioner clamp
PP-GP0380 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 X belt clamp
PP-GP0381 - 2 pce - TAZ 7 wiper mount
PP-GP0382 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 USB bezel
PP-GP0384 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 LCD bezel
PP-GP0385 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 LCD center
PP-GP0386 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 LCD back
PP-GP0387 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 interface board mount
PP-GP0388 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 interface board cover
PP-GP0391 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 cable cover
PP-GP0392 - 3 pce - TAZ 7 12mm retaining ring
PP-GP0393 - 7 pce - TAZ 7 10mm retaining ring
PP-GP0394 - 5 pce - TAZ 7 belt anchor
PP-GP0395 - 4 pce - TAZ 7 bed mount table
PP-GP0397 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 bearing holder
PP-GP0409 - X pce - TAZ 7 Frame Foot
PP-GP0405 - X pce - TAZ 7 Z Endstop Cable Cover
PP-GP0410 - 2 pce - TAZ 7 Electronics Chassis Mount, Front
PP-GP0223 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 Bed Mount Chassis, TAZ 7
PP-GP0411 - 2 pce - TAZ 7 Electronics Chassis Mount, Back
PP-GP0223 - 4 pce - TAZ 7 Bed Mount Chassis, TAZ 7
PP-GP0406 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 Dual Spool arm
PP-GP0407 - 1 pce - ITAZ 7 Interconnect housing - Not Ready to Print
PP-GP0423 - X pce - TAZ 7 Idler clamp insert side
PP-GP0424 - X pce - TAZ 7 Idler clamp bolt side

Tool Head

PP-GP0303 - 1 pce - TAZ AeroStruder blower mount - Not Ready to Print
PP-GP0302 - 1 pce - TAZ AeroStruder extruder mount - Not Ready to Print
PP-GP0408 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 Hinged Cap - Not Ready to Print
PP-GP0419 - 1 pce - TAZ 7 Blower Shroud - Not Ready to Print
PP-GP0420 - X pce - TAZ 7 Actuator cover - Not Ready to Print
PP-GP0421 - X pce - TAZ 7 Cable clamp - Not Ready to Print
PP-GP0422 - X pce - TAZ 7 Actuator mount - Not Ready to Print

Filament Sensor

PP-GP0412 - X pce - TAZ 7 Sensor Mount
PP-GP0413 - X pce - TAZ 7 Sensor Idler
PP-GP0414 - X pce - TAZ 7 Filament Wheel
PP-GP0415 - X pce - TAZ 7 Dual Tube Clamp
PP-GP0416 - X pce - TAZ 7 Sensor Cover R
PP-GP0417 - X pce - TAZ 7 Sensor Cover L
PP-GP0418 - X pce - TAZ 7 Bearing Mount

y chain mount might change for packaging

y chain to bed mount and y bed chain mounting bracket may need to change as well

Changes made to the list above.

The list has been updated with part numbers and quantities

@nickp FYI, none of these printed parts are on the BOM. I'll work on getting them added.

I got them from one of the five BoMs that were available. Don't remember which one atm. I'll look, may make things easier for all involved.

Heh, got that info from the flat BoM 10-22 file and now that information is no longer there.

Here's the file I saved for an easy cut and paste.

west added a subscriber: west.Nov 5 2018, 10:01 AM

bed mount chassis is the same from taz 6 PP-GP0223 and it is 4 per and there wont be a tippy feed tube holder

west added a comment.Nov 5 2018, 10:04 AM


hinge cap
z endstop cable cover
frame foot

filament sensor parts-
sensor mount
filament wheel
tube clamp
cover R
cover L
bearing mount

nickp added a subscriber: kent.Nov 5 2018, 1:59 PM

@kent these printed parts need to be confirmed before diving into getting them printed and measured. R&D needs to confirm first which parts wont be changing.

@west got part numbers and per printer quantities for those parts and I'll update the list?

kent added a subtask: Restricted Maniphest Task.Nov 5 2018, 3:49 PM
west added a comment.Nov 6 2018, 7:39 AM

pp-gp0405- Z endstop cable cover
pp-gp0406- TAZ 7 dual spool arm
pp-gp0407- TAZ 7 interconnect housing
pp-gp0408- TAZ 7 hinge cap
pp-gp0409- TAZ 7 frame foot
pp-gp0410- electronics chassis mount front
pp-gp0411- electronics chassis mount back
pp-gp0412- filament sensor mount
pp-gp0413-sensor idler
pp-gp0414- filament wheel
pp-gp0415- dual tube clamp
pp-gp0416- sensor cover R
pp-gp0417- sensor cover L
pp-gp0418- bearing mount
pp-gp0419- TAZ 7 blower shroud
pp-gp0420- actuator cover
pp-gp0421- cable clamp
pp-gp0422- actuator mount

@west Thank you for getting those added. I've updated the list above. Can you confirm that this list is accurate and I have all the parts marked correctly that should NOT be printed yet?


west added a comment.Nov 6 2018, 10:06 AM

PP-GP0423 idler clamp insert side
PP-GP0424 idler clamp bolt side
PP-GP0425 Y chain pivot - not ready to print

Above pp-gp0367 needs to be changed to Y chain pivot mount - not ready to print
PP-GP0371 to be set as ready to print

Updated, thanks @west

All look to be confirmed ready for printing?

west added a comment.Nov 6 2018, 11:50 AM

I believe everything is good to print minus the ones marked dont print yet and any files that have test in them

Excellent thanks

@kent it looks like the list has been confirmed. Uploading the completed list. I'll also update the list in the both tickets.

Steven added a subscriber: logan.Nov 6 2018, 2:07 PM

@kent @nickp I'm not sure this is actually ready to be released as @logan is making changes to parts?

@Steven Thanks

@logan thought this was completed? Can you update us on this, please?

logan added a comment.Nov 6 2018, 4:07 PM

@nickp Applying changes per T4400, will be done early tomorrow morning

logan added a comment.Nov 7 2018, 8:50 AM

@nickp Updates pushed

west added a comment.Nov 7 2018, 8:53 AM

@nickp can we add interconnect housing to the not ready list

Here's the updated list with the recent requested changes.

west added a comment.Nov 7 2018, 5:12 PM

@nickp should we have a review before releasing printed parts?

@west Probably not a bad idea. We can discuss in the R&D meeting today.

I went ahead and put it on the agenda.

@kent @nickp @EricNugent I'll update the BOM today but here is the first set of released printed parts:

  • PP-GP0396
  • PP-GP0391
  • PP-GP0371
  • PP-GP0369
  • PP-GP0370
  • PP-GP0238
  • PP-GP0363
  • PP-GP0368
  • PP-GP0364
  • PP-GP0365
  • PP-GP0397
  • PP-GP0362
west added a comment.Nov 12 2018, 4:40 PM

for reference

PP-GP0396 - Bed corner
PP-GP0391 - Y cable cover
PP-GP0371 - Y bed chain mounting bracket
PP-GP0369 - Y belt mount
PP-GP0370 - Y belt clamp
PP-GP0238 - flexy bed foot
PP-GP0363 - Y idler housing
PP-GP0368 - Y bump stop
PP-GP0364 - Y corner right
PP-GP0365 - Y corner left
PP-GP0397 - Y bearing holder
PP-GP0362 - Y motor mount

@mcoronado @Hob currently the y axis bumpers are planned to be printed in lulzbot green. I mentioned before that i thought eventually they would get really dirty from the rods and bushings and it would look really bad on the green part.

One of the quiver machines in R&D has a lulzbot green x bump stop and we are already seeing this.
Here is a photo of the grime that has collected on the green bump stop

@tutley @Hob Black bump stops are fine.

@tutley @west do you want the alpha units printed in black instead?

@EricNugent @kent all printed parts are now released except sensor cover R and sensor cover L. We need to make design changes to those for ESD concerns.

All of the parts are in separate directories however we may still need to make some name changes to these. If so, we'll work those through individual tickets.

Steven closed this task as Resolved.Nov 16 2018, 2:51 PM

@EricNugent @kent I just moved all of the tool head printed parts to the main printed parts directory with 8b6b4d72. Just FYI as there are new parts there now.

I'm going to close this ticket out as the sensor covers will be released through T4507 and everything else has been released AFAIK.

EricNugent closed subtask Restricted Maniphest Task as Resolved.Dec 4 2018, 12:27 PM