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Warehouse Stock Monitoring (Tool Head Disc)
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Monitor our inventory levels of the following items. Update the main task when a product has run out of stock by crossing it out.

Mini Single Extruder v2.1 - KT-CP0109 - 817752018821

TAZ 5 V2C 0.5mm - KT-CP0094 - 817752016940

TAZ 5 V2C 0.35mm - KT-CP0095 - 817752016957

TAZ Aerostruder V1 - KT-CP0128 - 810234030359

Mini Aerostruder V1 - KT-CP0129 - 810234030366

MOARstruder - KT-CP0108 - 817752018517

Longblock hot end kit - KT-CP0112 - 817752018937

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bowman added a subscriber: bowman.Mar 5 2019, 8:14 AM

The last production MO for KT-CP0094 is completed. Josh P has set to not procure both KT-CP0094/KT-CP0095 v2c tool heads any further.

adam closed this task as Resolved.Tue, Nov 26, 11:02 AM