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Quiver silk screen question for Marketing
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We had our sheet metal manufacturer request a change to the electronics chassis/cover for quiver, to make manufacturing easier. This was approved from an engineering standpoint, but I have noticed it effects the silk screen as the holes to mount the cover are moved inward. I have attached a photo of a silk-screened cover with washers placed where the holes would be moved to for reference. Is this a no-go problem, solvable problem, or not a problem? Please let me know so I can get with the vendor about it. Thank you.

Samantha Willinger
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nickp created this task.Nov 2 2018, 9:02 AM
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@Hob Samantha sent an email to Marketing asking for feedback (see above). It's important that we get an answer to this question so we can reply to the manufacturer and keep this project to the time line.

Thank you

Here's the image that was sent in the email:

@nickp, this was forwarded to @mcoronado to decide on Monday, but he is currently out at SEMA. (thanks @DRobertson !). My guess is he will want the silk screened image reduced in size so the new holes will not interfere. stay tuned... thx Hob

Updated artwork:

Thank you @mcoronado. Unfortunately, I had not provided numbers for you to work with so we may need another change. The updated size you have there appears to be 142mm wide. The space between the holes (at spec, not including tolerance or hardware) would now be 141.62. Including tolerance and hardware, the space between would be 135.37. That is including the silk screen location tolerance, so should be usable for sizing the graphic. I realize this is a fairly significant reduction that could effect the overall aesthetics, so let me know if it is an issue.

Additionally, could you provide a SVG of just the side artwork saved at the new scale? That would make it easier to work with in FreeCAD, and we have had issues with silk screen vendors not wanting to work with a file not at scale. Thank you.

@Hob @samantha @nickp

I think we should consider using the original artwork and having the holes drilled into the silk screen. Increasing those side margins has already affected the design quite a bit. Here is another option:

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@mcoronado I think that looks nice with the silkscreen cutout around the holes.

I will contact the vendor and let them know we are looking at keeping it as is and see if that is an issue. If so, we can look into clearing around it in such a manner.

samantha closed this task as Resolved.Nov 9 2018, 9:43 AM

response: "We can go ahead and screen over the holes….no need to remove screening around the holes."
Moving forward with the plan of leaving artwork as is and just having the holes in the artwork.