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Quiver Cable Management
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We talked about looking at Quiver design to solve Tech Support issues.

We commonly need customers to take pictures of their board to troubleshoot a variety of issues. The Taz 6 cable management blocks off a lot of the board, so if we could improve cable management to make the board more visible and more accessible to the user it would be helpful. Less of a "rats nest."

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@lansky we are trying to clean up as much of the "rats nest" as we can, however it is not as simple as just moving cables out of the way and calling it good. moving one cable a little bit can have big impacts in EMC/EMI, so we may be somewhat limited on where we can move them around.

Whatever we can do, something to keep in mind while we are designing Quiver and figuring out all the wire lengths in the electronics case.

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This was quickly discussed in the concept design review and seemed positive response. Closing this.