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Polymaker pc-max cooling fan
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I've printed with a lot of pc-max, and a common problem with it is that it has a tendency to warp up from the plate while printing. The material is very high temperature, and when I contacted Polymaker, they suggested to increase the build plate temp to 100C or even 110C. Additionally, I've had the suggestion to go into the g-code and turn off the cooling fan on the toolhead (or at least turning it down to 20%,) as that could cause issues on large prints.

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My latest printing I turned off the cooling fan and increased the bed temp to 110C; so far haven't had any warping in any of my prints.

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@matth Can you post a photo of the completed print, or attach the STL file? We would like to see how overhangs and bridges are coming out.

@matth also can you include which toolhead and which printre you are using and what firmware they have and what version of cura you are using :) Thank you!

matth added a comment.Nov 19 2018, 2:15 PM

The recent prints I did were on a Mini 1 Aerostruder; should be the latest firmware as I flashed it last week. In the past I've has the warping issue with Taz 6 Aero and Taz 6 Moarstruder as well.

Here's two of the prints where I had warping. I've been printing them with 80% infill and a skirt.

anolen added a comment.EditedNov 19 2018, 3:00 PM

@matth Are you printing open air or enclosed? Using glue stick or printing straight on PEI? Is the toolhead an Aero V1 or V2?

Here is the feedback checklist we use so you have it for next time:

matth added a comment.Nov 19 2018, 3:04 PM

Enclosed, glue stick onto the PEI, Aero v2.

Filamant age is less than a month.

Sorry no pics as I'm not at the location.

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Thank you sir!

anolen added a comment.EditedNov 19 2018, 4:11 PM

Updated PC-MAX Profiles for Mini 2 Aero V2 are posted here: T4547

I know you are using a Mini 1, tomorrow I will ask @karrad about pulling those same settings over into the Mini 1 profiles as well. Since its the same toolhead it should make much difference. There may need to be more testing to confirm for other toolheads.

Have a good one!

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@anolen I merged in T4547 go ahead and post the high str edit here for inclusion

I have updated all Cecropia tool heads with these edits.

@anolen Can you run a print or two on a V1 aerostruder to see how they hold up? We have a 30w heater in v1, and a 40w heater in v2 and would like to ensure no temperature issues.

PC-Max - High Strength - Mini 2 Aero V2

anolen added a comment.EditedNov 27 2018, 3:38 PM

All support updates included, these are the final edits

Mini 2 - Aero V1 - Profile Confirmations

Mini 1 - Aero V1 - Profile Confirmations

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