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Remove TAZ7 from Part names
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PP-GP0357 TAZ 7 Z upper right
PP-GP0358 TAZ 7 Z upper left
PP-GP0359 TAZ 7 Z lower right
PP-GP0360 TAZ 7 Z lower left
PP-GP0361 TAZ 7 Z chain bracket
PP-GP0362 TAZ 7 Y motor mount
PP-GP0363 TAZ 7 Y idler housing
PP-GP0364 TAZ 7 Y corner right
PP-GP0365 TAZ 7 Y corner left
PP-GP0366 TAZ 7 Y chain to bed mount
PP-GP0367 TAZ 7 Y chain pivot mount
PP-GP0368 TAZ 7 Y bump stop
PP-GP0369 TAZ 7 Y belt mount
PP-GP0370 TAZ 7 Y belt clamp
PP-GP0371 TAZ 7 bed chain mounting bracket
PP-GP0372 TAZ 7 X motor chain mount
PP-GP0373 TAZ 7 X motor
PP-GP0374 TAZ 7 X idler
PP-GP0375 TAZ 7 X double bearing holder
PP-GP0376 TAZ 7 X carriage
PP-GP0377 TAZ 7 X bump stop
PP-GP0378 TAZ 7 X belt tensioner
PP-GP0379 TAZ 7 X tensioner clamp
PP-GP0380 TAZ 7 X belt clamp
PP-GP0381 TAZ 7 wiper mount
PP-GP0382 TAZ 7 USB bezel
PP-GP0383 TAZ 7 USB mount
PP-GP0384 TAZ 7 LCD bezel
PP-GP0385 TAZ 7 LCD center
PP-GP0386 TAZ 7 LCD back
PP-GP0387 TAZ 7 interface board mount
PP-GP0388 TAZ 7 interface board cover
PP-GP0389 TAZ 7 heatsink mount
PP-GP0390 TAZ 7 cable clip
PP-GP0391 TAZ 7 y cable cover
PP-GP0392 TAZ 7 12mm retaining ring
PP-GP0393 TAZ 7 10mm retaining ring
PP-GP0394 TAZ 7 belt anchor
PP-GP0396 TAZ 7 bed corner
PP-GP0406 TAZ 7 Dual spool arm
PP-GP0407 TAZ 7 interconnect housing
PP-GP0408 TAZ 7 hinge cap
PP-GP0419 TAZ 7 blower shroud

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Steven created this task.Nov 20 2018, 7:46 AM
Steven triaged this task as High priority.
Steven created this object with edit policy "LulzBot Hardware Products (Project)".

TAZ 7 has been removed from all the names in OCA.

DaniAO renamed this task from Remove TAZ7 from printed part names to Remove TAZ7 from Part names .Nov 20 2018, 8:37 AM

PP-FP0151, PP-FP0152, and PP-MP0216- @samantha has pushed the changes on the drawings, and the names in OCA have been updated to remove TAZ and Quiver

It looks like all that is left are the machined parts

DaniAO added a comment.EditedNov 20 2018, 2:16 PM

Names for the following have been updated in OCA- the files in the repo did not have TAZ 7 or Quiver in the name.
PP-MP0231 Bottom Plate
PP-MP0229 Back Plate
PP-MP0230 Actuator Connector
PP-MP0228 Top Rod Mount
PP-MP0232 Motor Mount Ambidextrous, Machined
PC-BD0109 Filament Sensor PCBA Rev B
PP-MP0225 YZ Idler
PP-FP0157 LCD Ground Spacer

The following parts are waiting on T4499 and T4594 to be completed.
PP-FP0153 TAZ Interconnect Cover, Quiver
PP-FP0150 TAZ Electronics Cover, Quiver
PP-FP0149 TAZ Electronics Chassis, HD, Touchscreen, Quiver

TAZ 6 part numbers that will need a change order done to remove the TAZ 6 name. Change order in process.
EL-HR0078 TAZ 6 plug to ground green
EL-HR0080 TAZ 6 plug to switch black and white with ferrite

Steven closed this task as Resolved.Nov 20 2018, 2:26 PM

Ok, I think this is good, closing out. We'll cover the other items in the tickets @DaniAO mentioned above.