chassis standoff masking
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the alphas dont have the lcd standoffs masked. This could be a misinterpretation because it is on the drawing to mask those. Is this something we need to clarify in the drawing?

west created this task.Tue, Nov 20, 9:20 AM

@west are they completely unmasked? I could see it being misinterpreted to only mask the threads since we went with "on inside" and that would be the inside of the insert. But, it definitely calls out to have some masking

discussed with @west that it seems like they just weren't following the drawing. This was based on something that used to be masked, that isn't called out anymore, still being masked. Also, it seemed like the threads were masked, but the drawing also has a note to mask all threads. That said, however, we are already planning to rev this drawing with T4594, so we can go ahead and update the wording for clarity at that time as well.