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ABS Fan Settings
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We have had reports of cracking and warping with ABS, and solutions in the field so far have been to turn down the fan significantly (or off) to help prevent this.

Please test existing profiles with less cooling, and see how it affects results.

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What manufacturer(s)? I will need that to make sure the appropriate profiles get edited

@anolen Reports we have gotten in the field is all ABS manufacturers using our stock profiles. (even brands we don't carry) The common fix @Galadriel @lansky have been giving in support is to reduce fan speeds. It seems like that is where we landed on T4326 (I closed that one out as it got a little long and merged it here)

I think the best way would likely be try it at 50% of its current settings, and see how badly it affects bridging/overhangs. Then try it again with it off and compare the results.

CSL ABS and VP ABS are currently set 40-60%, and IC3D is set 0-40% (Standard quality SE tool head mini 2)

I suspect we can go as low as a 3-15%, and if need be can update adhesion information to say "Increase fan speeds for smaller parts" or something along the lines

Sounds like a plan I will get on that, Thank you for the clarification.

Sorry to ask for more clarification, @karrad All machines and profile levels for Chroma ABS and Village ABS, and IC3D ABS?

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@anolen That is correct, we have heard this issue reported across the board

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FWIW, on recent cluster slices for smaller parts or those with bridging/overhangs I've been using 1% regular to 2% max with great results. These slices were for aerostruders, for the record, which have particularly strong fans.