actuator mount cracking
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The counter bore on the actuator mount might be too thin and crack under pressure

west created this task.Wed, Nov 21, 4:32 PM

@west under a proper torque spec it might be okay. I have accidentally cracked a few of these when tightening by hand. We should be able to easily modify this to be stronger if need be

EricNugent added a subscriber: EricNugent.EditedTue, Nov 27, 2:15 PM

While slicing we noticed there is an overhang which prints in mid air, and a thin wall that is not easily registered in cura, I had to drop nozzle diameter to 0.25 for it to recognize it.

@enugent i was able to print these no problem using .5mm nozzle diameter. I am not sure which overhang that prints in mid air you are talking about. Can you clarify?