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TAZ7 Alpha Build Critical Dimension Tracking
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In order to help track and diagnose issues, each taz7 alpha printer I created a sheet to be filled out after each successful one that is built. Let me know if there are any other measurements people think should be added to the sheet.

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I noticed we have one spot for measuring rod spacing. Wouldn't it be more helpful to know top/bottom spacing?

Y Corner Left Spacing to Extrusion (front and back):
Y Corner Right Spacing to Extrusion (front and back):

What is this referring to?

Repeatability of the Z-Axis:

Do you have a process for determining this measurement and how it should be stated? Just the repeatability of the Z-axis axis or of the actuators/z-axis combined?

Z Probe (Each Corner):
Z Offset:

E-Steps on aeros are always 420 until a reasons exists to examine otherwise.
Z probe: are you requesting the output of a bed leveling matrix? Why? It is not repeatable. We could compile averages and see if we see our beds tilting one way or the other but that sounds time consuming and unnecessary.

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All alpha have been built. @kent we can close this one down correct?

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Yeah we can close this.