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Test filament runout sensor with 1.75mm filament
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We need to confirm the filament run out sensor works with 1.75mm filament. It would be best to test a few different materials in case the surface texture of some filaments cause issues with the sensor idler.


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Angie gave me the 1.75 filament. Will work on getting this tested.

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I've had @Darian and @zachah test the 1.75 during the night shift and they have not been getting good results.

From what they have told me, the sensor stops around the 2-3 layer (along with all the other issues of 1.75).

They have tested Ninjaflex, ABS and PLA.

karrad added a subscriber: karrad.Jan 30 2019, 12:06 PM

@TyTh Would you feel comfortable saying this tool head/printer would be "compatible but not recommended" or would you prefer "not compatible?" We are known for reliability and consistency, and don't want to state something that is untrue.

Compatible is difficult word because technically it is compatible. The filament is smaller than what we use and can technically be ran through it.
I would say that it is "compatible but not recommended", and settings (like disabling the run out sensor) may have to be tweaked.

I probably wouldn't market it at all, that would just be something we tell customers who call in

@TyTh Sounds good. Thanks for the feedback!

west added a subscriber: west.Jan 31 2019, 8:36 AM

@TyTh do you know if the idler was tensioned properly for 1.75? I'm printing with 1.75 right now and having success. I'm going to test a couple other printers

@west will be over at Lago this afternoon to update the Quivers.

@west and @TyTh can you too work together to see why it's not working on TSR printers?

I am not sure due to the other guys being the one for testing. I told them to do anything they could to make it work, and they will be in at 1:30.
If you are here before then, we can do that testing for it

DaniAO added a subscriber: tutley.Feb 26 2019, 7:44 AM

@tutley was any more testing done with the 1.75 mm filament?

@west completed 3 or 4 of the wireframe skull prints with tons of retractions using 2 different quivers and there were no issues with strip outs or filament sensor problems

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We tested it, so the original goal of the ticket is complete. I don't think using 1.75 is something we should recommend to customers, but it does seem like it works.