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Material selection does not change Gcode output when using recommended print setup
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Cura LE Version: 3.2.32

Operating System: MacOS 10.13.6

Printer :LulzBot Mini2

Tool Head: E3D Titan Aero, .50mm nozzle

Description of issue: Selecting a different material does not change GCODE output when using recommend settings.

Steps to reproduce:

Upload cura-lulzbot.log (attachment)

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It seems this is influenced by having created a new material. Steps to reproduce. Duplicate a current material. Change bed temperature and extruder temperature print settings. Create the material. Activate the material. Save Gcode to file and check extruder temperature, etc. You will see printer settings not put forth in GCODE. However, I have run into this without a custom material too. Try activating a few other materials, saving the file and checking GCODE and you will see it's not producing Gcode per the print settings of the material.

karrad added a subscriber: karrad.Dec 7 2018, 12:32 PM

@MMCCRARY Sorry to hear about the issues, lets see what we can do.

When changing the material temperature, are you changing that from the material settings or within the profile custom settings?

If you are just changing the "default printing temperature" within materials, the "printing temperature" setting in the quality profile will override that setting, and not make any change.

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