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PP-MP0227 xy calibration cube Dimensional tolerance
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I noticed that we are not constraining the holes to the flange which has been stated as being a critical dimension. Should the position of the holes be the same tolerance in relation to the flange or outside edge be the same as the tolerance of the holes to each other? If not than should the tolerance of the holes to the flange be the same tolerance as the holes to the outside edge?

I added the 3.50mm call out to this for use in the SPC.

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@samantha Any thoughts on this?

Since the screw furthest from the flange is a flat head and the other is not, I feel that ideally the flange to the furthest hole should be held the tightest, and then the other hole held to that hole. The flange is intended to sit against the bedplate to keep the block from being rotated, so I think we would best accomplish that goal by not allowing too much wiggle room between the flange and the bedplate. The side-to-side positioning of the holes is not as important, as long as the side-to-side relation between them is held.
See quickly changed drawing with 3 circled changes that I messed up on and then corrected in inkscape:

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@oliver do you agree to the recommendation given by @samantha? We need to get this modified in a branch and reviewed.

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@west can you please make the changes recommended above so this can get to review and merge?

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@samantha can you check the drawing

@west I noticed that on my test version the dimension that is showing 6.50 in yours was showing 6.46 in mine. Does the model match the drawing? The drawing itself looks good, I just want to check that.

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I noticed that too, I changed the value 3.1f to 3.2f and it gave me .50

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Ok, this is now merged into master.