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Fix bug that zeroes out Taz 5 profiles when a Taz 6 or Lulzbot mini are present
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I have phoned this into support and it is a known bug.
After adding my Lulzbot Mini (Flexy), and Taz 6 to Cura alongside my Taz 5, it zeroes out all my Taz 5 Quickprint profiles.
This is annoying to have to go in and verify expert mode every time I want to print on my Taz 5. If I forget and leave the quickprint it sends the temp values as zero.
I'm told this has to do with firmware but really don't understand how.

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This is a fundamental difference in workflow between Taz 5 and newer printers. The 5 was designed to be preheated before starting a print. Whereas newer printers have preheat numbers built into the profiles. We do not have plans to change this.

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So Cura worked before just fine with all my presets before. Now its essentially a workflow nightmare, instead of easy without these. Is there any workaround? Is there a firmware update planned for the Taz5 to behave more like the mini or Taz6?

The real pain point is not so much the firmware, instead the design of profiles. TAZ 5 profiles do not including nozzle/bed preheat temperatures which is what causes the difference in behavior. Unfortunately, we do not have plans to rework TAZ 5 profiles like you describe as this would break the existing workflow that many customers use.

Here are 3 potential workarounds:

  • Don't enter preset temps

Select printer, select profile, load model, slice, print. Just for TAZ 5, you need to preheat the machine using the LCD controller or USB print control window before starting the print. This is how the 5 was designed to operate.

  • Isolate Cura instances

Setup a different operating system just to be used for producing prints for TAZ 5. Either with a virtual machine, dual boot, or separate physical hardware.

  • Modify the profiles and make your own custom build of Cura

For these two below variables, change the zeros in each profile to the number that you want to use

print_temperature = 0
print_bed_temperature = 0

Then remove the leading semicolon of these two lines in the start.gcode section

;M190 R{print_bed_temperature} ;Uncomment to add your own bed temperature line
;M109 R{print_temperature} ;Uncomment to add your own temperature line

For reference here is a PLA profile for both TAZ 5 and 6 to compare.

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Option 1 is by far the most practical. Thanks for the solutions. Didn't realize if I preheat with no presets it will do what I want. Thanks!

@partsoven , here's an even better solution, copy this file to Cura/resources/quickprint/lulzbot_TAZ_5_05nozzle/ABS_VP/ :
You should name the file as option_preheat.ini

You can create similar files with the temperatures you want for PLA/HIPS/etc... and just copy them over to the material's directory, then Cura will give you an additional option "Preheat Bed & Hotend" for your TAZ 5 profiles, as long as you select it, the temperature will be set, if you deselect it, it will use the older TAZ 5 workflow.
Note that I specified the path as lulzbot_TAZ_5_05nozzle, if you have a 0.35 nozzle in your TAZ 5, you should copy the file to lulzbot_TAZ_5_035nozzle directory in resources/quickprint, same if you use a non-standard toolhead.

Note: I've set it to 230/110 temps for ABS, if you use different temperatures, set them accordingly in the file, and of course, PLA would require different temps from ABS, etc...

@kakaroto thanks for the additional tip. I will definitely try this one out too. The preheat workflow isn't so bad as long as the material is built into the temp library found on the Taz 5. This is a great workaround for the exceptions.

... although it would be nice not to have to do either of these in a perfect world *cough...