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Research off-the-shelf materials that could be used to produce the enclosure
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With the short time line given for this product I think it will be required to use off the shelf materials to build it. Any custom sheet metal would likely push out the time line.

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Steven created this task.Nov 30 2018, 9:15 AM
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t-slots has a good selection of hardware, paneling, and aluminum extrusion that i have been using to mock up an enclosure

Here is the assembly i have of an enclosure with folding doors that uses off the shelf extrusions and hardware.
The rounded extrusion is not offered in a black anodized finish, only a clear anodized finish

everything can be sourced from t-slot

This has been designed for simple assembly, so i think we could ship as a partial assembly or a kit

DaniAO added a subscriber: DaniAO.Dec 18 2018, 1:57 PM

@tutley please update enclosure with changes discussed in Fridays meeting:
look into Stacking options with drawers/cart
Big enough for 2 Minis
Sides and front clear with back in Lulzbot Green.

i have updated the assembly to be stackable, hold two minis or 1 taz7, all black anodized extrusion and all off the shelf parts from tslots.

I have not been able to source a drawer yet. I will keep looking but i was thinking a cabinet with shelves may function better and will be easier to design for.

Once a repo is set up i will get this all pushed

Double stacked enclosure
Still need to get the drawer section worked out

Double stacked enclosure with shelf section and storage bins.
I will add some paneled doors to the bottom section as well

Here is an example with clear paneled doors on the storage cabinet

Opaque panels on bottom

@tutley I like the non-clear storage pannel options, as then messes aren't on display.

@DaniAO agreed. I think it will look better with the non-clear panels, even if you had the bottom organized nicely

I agree, that looks much nicer.

@eBeardslee Thoughts?

Just FYI , due to this being off the shelf extrusion from Tslot, The extrusion is a 1 inch diameter extrusion and the assembly requires Imperial hardware.

Tslot does not offer an off the shelf metric extrusion. We could source a metric extrusion from Misumi but lead times will be much longer

Im not sure about the lulzbot green panel. It will be hard to source in that color

exhause/filter fan added
added power splitter with switches for ea plug

kent added a subscriber: kent.Dec 21 2018, 1:13 PM

Looks pretty good. I've always thought that adding a monitor, keyboard, and (optionally) a mouse onto a arm that comes off it makes it looks more industrial. I don't know if it's within scope for this product, but something like that would take it to the next level IMO. I'm thinking something like what our Tormach has, or this:

photo credit: Glenn McKechnie licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

@kent There has been some discussion around that for Brizo due to WiFi requirements

jebba added a subscriber: jebba.Dec 21 2018, 2:39 PM

Brent MacKenzie at the Colorado Printing Project has one like this:

I (personally) have one set up like that. It needs to be more industrial though, it is a bit on the low budget side.

@tutley we talked about having the 45° tslot extrusions on the corners. Are those available and would they work in this load bearing design?

@eBeardslee they are not available as an off the shelf option as far as i can tell. I will dig a bit more

@eBeardslee I have checked both online and in the physical catalogs from Tslots with no luck for an off the shelf 45 degree extrusion.
Here is Tslots' online catalog:

@tutley Would TS40-45LM BISLOT work? It's on page 346

@eBeardslee, well yes that could work but with an entirely different architecture. Also, that is pretty huge extrusion and it doesnt come in black anodized. Its about twice as thick as what the enclosure is currently designed with so it could be quite expensive. Also this makes it impossible to attach any tool hangers or any other mods to the outside of the enclosure.

I dont think we want to use 40mm extrusion for this enclosure. That is the stuff o-pod is built out of in the cluster

@tutley what size extrusions does your current design use?

the current design uses 1 inch extrusions, the TS10-10 series, so 25.4mm. This is their most common and base extrusion. This has the most hardware and accessory options

The TAZ frame is made from 20mm extrusion.

I saw that the 20mm extrusion is now in the 2018 catalog. Previously this has not been off the shelf extrusion. But there is somewhat limited hardware for these

So we took a look and since we are not able to get corners in anodized black we will go with silver extrusions. Furthermore, we would like to minimize the amount of open slot faces on the exterior of the enclosure by incorporating parts like TS10-10 BISLOT AD for the corner extrusions.

In T4760#90935, @jebba wrote:

Brent MacKenzie at the Colorado Printing Project has one like this:

I (personally) have one set up like that. It needs to be more industrial though, it is a bit on the low budget side.

This is the setup I've been running in my home office, it's been working really well for me. I think that swapping the material used for the side panels from the signboard to Alumalite or something similar would go a long way towards making it feel more premium. The source is here, it's licensed under CERN and CC-BY-SA so you guys are free to clone if you like any parts of it. Let me know if there's anything I can help with, the source is definitely not as organized or complete as I'd like it to be.

@eBeardslee In my opinion, I think having the slots would be nice as it gives the user more freedom to hack/modify their enclosure.

@eBeardslee due to the need for handles and hinges, not all of the extrusions can be non slotted on the front face.
Here is an example of non slotted extrusion for the front assembly

karrad added a comment.EditedDec 27 2018, 8:09 AM

Another option to clean it up would be T-Slot rubber inserts:

Similar to what is put into the CR10's. This would also allow customers who want to hack at the enclosure to remove the seals and install whatever they would like.

@tutley I think we can have them in strategic locations, like the upper left and right side of the enclosure, with tslot covers. I see they have a door handle milling service. I would imagine we could have locations for the handles and hinges created.

@eBeardslee the more milling and stuff we do to these, the more likely we run into availability issues. Also im trying to keep the number of parts to a minimum. right now the handle extrusion is the same as the other tall extrusions in the door, just turned 90 degrees. If we mill/drill holes for the handle, now that splits into two separate extrusions which becomes a logistics/inventory nightmare

@karrad, as far as i can tell the slot cover wont really match a clear anodized extrusion. The one in the pic looks kind of silvery but i dont know if it will match the extrusion very well

@eBeardslee if the front were to be fully non slotted, we would require 3 variants of 1 extrusion (normal non slotted extrusion, non slotted with holes for hinges, non slotted with holes for handles). In the example above it is all using 1 extrusion

We'll need to get this cleared with @mcoronado but I would imagine we use the T-slot inserts in any open slots. And at some point it might just be better for us to do all black with inserts to have some consistency (vs some non-slotted combined with slotted w/ inserts that don't match the aluminum as well)

@eBeardslee i agree that that would be a better option. The black slot covers will match the anodized black extrusions pretty well, keeps the variations on hardware down, and allows the customer to hack/modify if they want. I am going to contact tslots and see what kind of lead times there would be for milling/drilling the holes for handles and hinges in the non slotted extrusion

@karrad there seems to be a bit of back and forth here. Is the spec in the NPI docs confirmed for this project? Right now the time line shows ~6 weeks from today for completed concept development. Depending on some of the milled and customization in the discussion above it could take that 6 weeks to get the initial prototype parts in. We'll get confirmation of the lead time for the customization in case it is feasible.

@Steven We plan to review spec sheet after R&D today. Time line will be foremost, and if we need to avoid custom pieces in order to hit that we will. @eBeardslee and @mcoronado are aware, and we will be getting all of their requests examined to determine if feasible.

i have requested lead times on machining services from TSLOTS

mcoronado added a comment.EditedJan 2 2019, 8:45 AM

Sounds like black extrusions, black hardware, and black inserts are the best option for us so far. I feel strongly that any of the UX touch points can make up some ground for a premium/professional feel.

Locking latches

T-slotted casters

mcoronado added a comment.EditedJan 2 2019, 11:12 AM

The slight tint on this enclosure looks good. It'll look really good with the led light strips

pic #68 in the Black Anodize category

Also, the caps on #35 look pretty good too for cleaning up the open face extrusions:

@tutley Are the enclosures secured somehow when stacked?

So the plan is to source and order materials for 2 prototypes for evaluation: 1. using open-faced extrusions with black inserts and 2. Using closed-faced extrusions from 80/20.

tutley added a comment.Jan 3 2019, 8:20 AM

@mcoronado, yes there are connector links that fasten the enclosures together once stacked. I agree that a slight tint looks good for the clear panels

We can get closed face extrusions from TSLOTS as well. I would like to avoid introducing a second supplier for extrusions if possible. Any particular reason you want to do 80/20 rather than TSLOTS?

Tslots can provide non slotted extrusions in a black anodized finish in bulk orders. This will not add much to the lead times. In order quantities of ~1000 pieces this will be 3-5 weeks, 5k-10k pieces this will be 5-6 weeks. For clear anodized extrusions lead times are 3-4 weeks for quantities of 1000 and 5-6 weeks in 2000+ orders.

Looking at 8020's website it is about 3-4 weeks lead time on their extrusions with custom hole placement but there are no quantities specified. I have contacted a rep at 8020 to confirm these lead times.

I am also asking tslots about getting black anodized extrusions for prototypes (small quantities)

tutley added a comment.Jan 3 2019, 1:16 PM

8020 said they will get back to me in 1 business day

tutley added a comment.Jan 3 2019, 1:27 PM

Min bulk order is about 800 pieces.
For small quantities of black anodized for the prototypes:
"We can do a small one time order but we can’t do it in house. I’ll have the send the cut and machined pieces to a third party and they will anodize them black. Lead time will be about 10 days from start to finish. Our third party anodizer uses a single stage dye black where ours is a 2 stage architectural finish. Just want you to be aware as the dye finish may fade in sunlight. I think it should be no problem for a prototype though. "

karrad added a comment.Jan 4 2019, 9:25 AM

@tutley Would it be possible to get the holes drilled into non slotted extrusions for the handles and hinges? If it is not feasible in the time line and/or quantity requirements, would we be able to do this with a fixture and our drill press?

Reviewing with Eric and Hob, if we can get the non slotted faces on the external parts of the enclosure, it would address their concerns. The sample I brought back with the T-Slot cover would be great for the top connection bars (y direction) so customers could have the option for adding attachments if they choose.

@karrad it would depend on the location of the holes. I think any holes we drill after anodizing would be covered by hardware but if not you would see the bare aluminum from the drilled hole. We can confirm Monday if that would be a concern.

@tutley did T-slot give you a minimum requirement for production qty or is that the 1000 pieces?

tutley added a comment.Jan 8 2019, 7:24 AM

@karrad We can get the holes drilled into non slotted extrusions for handles and hinges with a small increase in lead time.
Also, I agree that having the option to add attachments/mods will come in very handy.

@Steven They didnt give me a minimum production quantity, but gave me a number of 800 PCE min bulk order to get the non slotted stuff anodized in black

tutley added a comment.Jan 9 2019, 3:00 PM

Here is an example of a black anodized non slotted enclosure. Any feedback?
The sides of the frame need to have slots in order to link the enclosures together using the connector link

What is the hole in the bottom left? Outside of that I think this looks good.

tutley added a comment.Jan 9 2019, 3:28 PM

@eBeardslee this hole is planned for the main power cable to come out. it will have a printed grommet/strain relief

Double stacked, non slotted, black anodized.

I am going to start working on getting drawings for all the TSLOTS pieces so we can get it ordered and get a prototype together. Still need to nail down power/lighting/ etc

this also uses black plastic hinges on the outside as they look better

@tutley this is looking good. What are the dimensions for each individual segment? Wheels included, how high is the top of the first printer enclosure w/ storage?

@eBeardslee nice! Overall it is ~4.1 feet wide, ~6.2 ft tall, and ~2.5 feet deep. The storage+wheels is 1.5 ft tall. The storage+wheels+bottom enclosure is ~3.8ft tall. So the bottom of the TAZ7 iis 3.8 ft off the ground

Orias added a subscriber: Orias.Jan 11 2019, 7:30 AM

Has this been proposed yet? Filament cabinet on top, with vent holes into that chamber from the warm cabinet environment. Add cut outs for filament feeding directly from the filament cabinet, with or without ptfe feed tubes.

@Orias that exact set up hasn't no, but this set up is to be modular so the customer can set up in any config they would like. We are going to recommend only 2 enclosures max though.

just playing with the branding on the back panel

In T4760#96387, @tutley wrote:

just playing with the branding on the back panel

This is looking awesome, very LulzBoty. Is it going to ship assembled or as a kit?

@coloradoprintingproject it will likely ship with the storage cabinet assembled, and the front and back fully assembled. The customer would only be assembling the sides This is designed to use anchor fasteners with drop in tnuts, so assembly should be a breeze.

Awesome, that's going to be really nice

CAD files pushed to /foragelooper

@mcoronado @eBeardslee
For the clear panels, would you like them to have a slight tint? see p186 polycarbonate panel. They have clear, gray, bronze. I think the bronze is the dark one and gray is the slightly tinted one. See the bronze panel in acrylic

@eBeardslee @mcoronado @Steven I would like to order this stuff today. Do you want to have plain clear panels for the sides and front or do you want it to have a slight tint?

@tutley @eBeardslee The bronze is too dark. I like the gray tint.

@mcoronado agreed. we could do the sides gray and the front clear? or do you think it would be better to do all gray?

@tutley The front should be consistent with the sides. The tint is based on the assumption that there will be lighting inside the enclosure. Is that correct?

@mcoronado yes to the lighting, but also i think it will just look better with the tint overall.

and ok drawings are updated, just want to look over it 1 more time and i will be putting in a request for these parts soonish

@tutley Sounds great. Looking forward to seeing it come together.

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karrad closed this task as Wontfix.Feb 14 2019, 8:17 AM

Canceling this project for the time being due to time constraints