Lulzbot Mini Kill Error with no explanation
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Cura LE Version: 3.2.32

Operating System: Windows

Printer: Mini v1

Tool Head: Standard

Description of issue: When the customer starts a print, Cura errors out. Gives no explanation, just kills it. Troubleshooting and pictures in ticket ID: 187478

Steps to reproduce:

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@TyTh Can you expand on when during the print this happens? Will it get through wiping/probing, and fail when heating to printing temp? Fail half way through the print?

I looked through the HD ticket, and looks like most of your conversation was via phone.

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IIRC, it was during the very first part, right when you hit start and before the auto-leveling.

Only the first part was on the call, rest was over email.

@TyTh Double check tool head connections, it looks like it is attempting to heat the hot end and triggering an error when not increasing in temperature. It could also indicate an issue with the heater cartridge