Interconnect housing adjustments
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The retention features added from T3428 are ineffective due to the overall width of the slot being too wide.
I have had to drill out a lot of the holes for the stand offs, not removing much material, mostly due to our of round holes. This may be affected by the machines and the locations where these parts were printed.
The bed harness (not the bed power side) has a tendency to slip out and show the small wires, I think the exit hole for that could be tightened up a bit.

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west added a comment.Tue, Dec 4, 3:28 PM

Changes made, I'm going to print one off and test the fit

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Received test part from @west The adjustments worked ok, the bed power retention could stand to be a touch tighter. Adjustments made to exit holes helped the bed harness but is now a tad too tight on the bed power harness due to the sticker on the harness in that location. May still be workable.
Widening the holes helped fit the part over the stand offs much easier.