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Filament sensor bearing mount PP-GP0418 thoughts on redesign
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@EricNugent pointed out that the bearing mounts are prone to cracking between the layer lines on the rings that hold the bearings and that this might be a critical failure causing false positives on filament run out.

'Assembly using the bearing mount (PP-GP0418) and the bearing stack (Filament wheel + washers + m3 screw + bearings + magnetic wheel thing) is pretty difficult to assemble and really important that we get the stack tight and with the correct number of washers.

The solution I brought up to @tutley and @west was to make the bearing stacks beforehand, and design the mount to be a press in place or clamshell design. The problem is space in that area, not a lot of room for design, but that is the purpose of this ticket.

Everything else for the filament run-out sensor has been fairly easy to assemble in a batch until you get to installing the bearing stack.' - EN 12-5-18

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I have printed two alternate options, one where all bearing holders allow the sensor assembly to snap into place and one where the outer bearing holders snap and the center two are fully enclosed bearing holders. It is possible to make a snap in part but the pressure from the filament on the wheel will cause the sensor assembly to come out of alignment. Only allowing the outer bearing holders to be snap in also doesnt work because you cant feed the sensor assembly in and snap it into place without breaking the fully enclosed bearing holders. I think its probably better to leave this one as is