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filament sensor test fixture
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I think it would be good to test filament sensors as an assembly before mounting it to the printer

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west created this task.Dec 5 2018, 10:17 AM
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@west Any advice on an efficient way to accomplish that?

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@logan: Mark P asked me to add a screen that shows the runout sensor state. I did so in .73. It is part of a "secret" developer's menu. To access:

  • Go to "Menu -> About Printer"
  • Touch the "(c) 2018 Aleph Objects, Inc"
  • Click the "Show Pin States" button.

Mark says he will create a board for you guys that will toggle the runout pin on and off. If you plug that board in, and go to the pins states screen, it should flash the indicator on and off.

You can also use this new screen to test Z_MAX and Z_MIN (with a wire between the bed washer and the nozzle).

@marcio That is awesome! Thank you! Will get this incorporated on T3694 for testing the filament sensor harness/function of the box.

This ticket is actually about testing the filament sensor boards themselves which I think @mjpelletier might also be able to help with. What'd be perfect would be a module that we can connect the sensor boards to, with a light that would flash if motion is detected and then we just use a driver to spin the encoder wheel in the finished filament sensor assembly. Flash = good, no flash = bad. @west does that sound reasonable?

I have a test board constructed to test the Filament Sensor assemblies. The test board is powered by a 5V wall wort and has LEDs to show activity on the Filament Sensor Hall sensors. I am currently using the board to test modified Filament Sensor boards. The modification is a change of the Hall sensor from a Toshiba TCS40DLR to a Diodes Incorporated AH3365Q. I'll bring the test board to MER when I have finished modifying boards.

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Thank you @mjpelletier, looking forward to making a box for it

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@kent there's what I've got for the box, there isn't any source there for the internal board itself

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Ok this is merge in now

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there isn't any source there for the internal board itself

can go into it's own ticket.