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Screws in LCD case don't line up
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@guadalupe brought me two LCD cases that the holes with the inserts don't line up with the fasteners that mount the LCD screen assembly.

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I will have Cluster print 2 PP-GP0330's on Gladiolas and 2 on Hibiscus tomorrow. Then we will line up the holes and see if it is a printer type issue. I will post the results here on Monday and then we can proceed from there.

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@logan iirc, there is a fix in progress for this issue. When you have a moment, can you update this ticket with the status of that project?

logan added a comment.Apr 2 2019, 7:31 AM

Yes, while evaluating printed part non-conforming materials I came across a bag of these parts that had been tagged for this issue. After fit testing them, I found that most of them were usable, but with considerable difficulty. Part of what increased that difficulty was dimensional inaccuracy, which has been found on Mini 2 prints of this part. Other issues with this part included warp/lifting at the corners, difficulty removing the built in support material, and inserts installed in a hole where they are not needed.
I sought to alleviate all of these issues, made and tested model changes, and created a change request to implement these changes into production: T6321
Prior to Change Request creation, slices of the new model were run on Mini and Mini 2 in the cluster and fit tested to ensure identical functionality. The Mini 2 slice utilizes M92 to set X/Y steps/mm to 100.6, which had been found to be the correct adjustment to achieve parts with correct dimensions.
See T6321 for full details

logan closed this task as Resolved.May 24 2019, 12:53 PM

With CO0038 complete (T6321) this is no longer an issue.