Left side extruder cable clip hits x motor mount before reaching home position
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I noticed on quiver 13 the cables were hitting the motor mount before the bearing holder hit the bumper, I was able to adjust this by pushing the cables out of the way, but I'm not sure this will be repeatable on the line.

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I think we could route the cables behind the motor instead of to the side

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I think it is possible to rotate the clamp to hold the wire on the back of the motor with changes made in T4866

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The cable clamp has been removed in this branch and a directory for cable channel added. Also cable channel added to bom and cable clamp removed. If this gets approved a pn will need to be generated and the bom updated

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This ticket and T4922 need to be reviewed by @Steven @kent and myslef since there are conflicting cable drawings

Quiver 7 appears to be hitting the x cable chain before the bump stop with this part installed

west added a comment.Wed, Dec 26, 9:36 AM

@EricNugent i added a pocket where the chain would run into the channel in rTAZQUIVER49dd4507ee0e

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@EricNugent @MikeR can you please confirm if the changes on this ticket were good on the MER machines they were installed on?

MikeR added a comment.Wed, Jan 9, 1:01 PM

@Steven I have not had any issues with the cables hitting the motor after I installed the new cable covers.

@Steven I can confirm that the part no longer interferes with the cable chain with the bump stop and cable cover installed

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Thanks, this is now merged into master.