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blower fan wire length/routing
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I noticed on the unit on my desk that the blower fan wires were dragging on the bed plate. I tried pushing them up but after tool changes they fall back down. Perhaps they're just a bit too long?
My heater cartridge is also dragging the bed plate

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@logan do you know what these wires measure in comparison to the drawings? the cable routing on the toolhead on @kents machine looks really good and I would be curious what it measures against the drawings as well.

@tutley Longer than the 150mm in the drawing, by at least 10mm. I'll cut and re-crimp and try routing it again.

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@tutley I was referring to the blower fan harness in the previous comment. Cutting it down to the correct length doesn't look to solve the issue, it still dangles below the blower shroud.

Heater wires look correct

@tutley showed me neat routing of that side of the harness, the zip ties can clean it up nicely with the length corrected.
@MikeR @franklin @kent we'll need to keep an eye on this I think. The unit I have was long by 15-20mm.

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Handing this off to you for OHAI

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