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Extrusion Pausing
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Extrusion on the tool head will pause while printing intermittently if the bed temperature is below 50-60 degrees. The pausing will become more frequent if the initial bed temperature is above 70 degrees, and then lowered to the problem range. The movement of the tool head through the print will continue, but the extrusion will pause and resume. Unsure if this issue is also present on the HS head as well.

The profile that was being used was the PETG profile on standard settings with no changes to the base profile. I was able to replicate the issue with multiple known files. This has only been tested on the Taz 6 w/ adapter mount so far, but I will also test on other printers and post my findings here.

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nathan created this task.Dec 12 2018, 8:46 AM

@karrad @anolen really not sure what could be up with this - the conditions don't seem related, but if one of you can reproduce this would need to be fixed.

nathan added a comment.EditedDec 14 2018, 10:11 AM

I have been able to test this with both the USB and SD card reader, and it happens on both, if not more easily with the SD card reader. I also swapped to a different adapter mount and HS+ and the issue persisted. I am able to raise the bed temperature to 80+ and the skipping goes away, but 60 and lower causes the skipping to return. Tested with a Rocktopus file as well as another file with a large area of bed adhesion. I was able to replicate this on 2/3 printers here, both with USB and SD reader, and with two different HS+ tool heads w/ adapters. All firmware was on

@nathan Please post the gcode file you were able to duplicate this with.

Also, you mention a different tool head you tested. Have you tested a separate TAZ 6 as well with both tool head combinations?


The other tool head that I tried here was a different HS+ tool head so that we can make sure that the issue was able to be replicated on different printers with different tool heads. So to recap, I have tested 3 different Taz 6's and 2 different HS+ tool heads, each with their own adapter.

Just started a print on a Taz 6 with the HS Toolhead equipped to it. Printing with ColorFabb PA-CF low warp filament. Print started at 50°C for the heat bed and clicking was consistent. I stopped the print, adjust the heat bed to 80°C and the clicking seems to have stopped. Just figured I'd put this here even though it is the HS Toolhead as this issue seems to be both Toolheads. We have had reports on the SL .25 Toolhead doing so as well.

nathan added a comment.Jan 2 2019, 9:54 AM

There have been a few reports of this out in the field, and there are a few tickets that we have of this issue with videos. Ticket ID's 188148 and 189829.