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Extruder 1 Harness interfering with bumber
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I noticed on Quiver19 that it was missing the calibration cube. I noticed that the extruder harness for extruder 1 was hitting the motor before the x-carriage would hit the bumper. Making sure that it was more inserted into the x-carriage cavity seemed to fix itself.

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To check to see if this bug is causing an issue on your quiver, watch the bearing holder during the x homing to make sure it is coming into contact with the urethane bumper on the left side of the z axis. If the x-carriage falls short, then the coordinate system of the printer will be shifted and it might miss the cube or hit the wiper pad or crash into the side of the machine.

@kent there is some room behind the motor, and @west and i were discussing the possibility of running the cables here. The issue that comes up is that the cables will likely be rubbing on the x rods during printer operation