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TAZ7 Keeps restarting
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For awhile I have been experiencing problems with TAZ 7 restarting when trying to operate via the LCD panel. This has happened on multiple printers with multiple power cords. I did noticed that it will happen when ever the TAZ 7 is connected via usb to the computer.

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oliver created this task.Dec 17 2018, 7:28 AM
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Does it exclusively restart when it is connected to the computer?

Unknown. Currently I have noticed that I am unable to even complete a nozzle calibration or some times a home while the printer is plugged into the computer. The only way I have been able to finish a nozzle calibration at all is by making sure that the printer is not plugged into the computer via usb.

karrad added a subscriber: karrad.EditedDec 17 2018, 9:53 AM

I am about 35min into a dual octo print from Cura without pausing or freezing issues. Once complete, I will try to duplicate the same Gcode print via USB stick with and without being connected to Cura at the time.

Just to note, no USB stick is currently installed while printing through Cura

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@karrad A quick note, I noticed that the restart would be happening when trying to do adjustments through the lcd screen while the printer was plugged into the computer. If I sent a print through CURA than I had no problems finishing up a print.

Steven added a subscriber: Steven.Dec 17 2018, 12:21 PM

@oliver does this printer have the modified Archim and interface boards installed? If not, please get those updated and then confirm if you are still seeing this issue.

@oliver Does the issue repeat if printing through USB stick while not connected to Cura?

Steven reassigned this task from karrad to oliver.Dec 17 2018, 12:21 PM

@Steven I just installed the modified archim board and will be testing that now.

@karrad It's not an issue while printing atleast not that I could find. Most tests have failed while still trying to calibrate the printer because it would restart during the nozzle calibration and I would have to restart the nozzle calibration. The only way I could finish the nozzle calibration was to disconnect the printer from the usb in back.

@Steven Just had the Taz7 restart on me with the modified archim board installed.

@oliver is the interface board also updated with the modified one?

@Steven Yes. It could also just be my area is getting this weird phenomenon. And with the new board it does appear to happen less regular and has become a bit more inconsistent in when it will appear.

oliver added a subscriber: MikeR.Dec 28 2018, 9:29 AM

I've noticed that this is still an issue, especially if you have a bit of static shock and are anywhere around the filament sensor.

@MikeR has also been seeing this issue with his printer. I have accidentally shocked it twice and it completely restart the print.

DaniAO added a subscriber: DaniAO.Jan 18 2019, 11:33 AM

@oliver and @MikeR are we still seeing this issue?

@DaniAO No but I have been avoiding going any where near the fillament sensor when the printer is printing. I am still seeing my printer restarting when I have it plugged in to the computer and running commands through the lcd screen.

@DaniAO I cant say for sure, I havent had the printer running much lately to test this out. But I think my problem was different than the original issue this ticket was made for.

DaniAO closed this task as Resolved.Feb 18 2019, 12:10 PM

Being that there hasn't been any comments since end of December, going to close this one down and we can always re-open if needed.