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While removing the feed tube, the Idler clamp broke
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While removing the feed tube from the tube connector in the Idler clamp, the clips on the clamp snapped off. I did notice that the feed tube was seated really far down in the tube connector so, maybe that was the contributing factor.

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The tube being really far down does contribute to that. The tube needs to be pushed in until you feel the dull click

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Just had this happen on Quiver 9 as well

Picture of the new design.. this would remove the blue on the printer and make it a bit easier to insert and remove the PTFE tubes.

@west are we going with the new design? If so we can probably close this ticket down then, correct?

The most recent version of this part has held up nicely without cracking or breaking upon installation. I think this one is okay to close down.
@west can we close this ticket?

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This has been changed and was merged into master in T4956