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add missing frame feet to BOM
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While sorting for T4486 I noticed the flexy frame feet aren't on the BOM
The quantity for Flexy Bed foot PP-GP0238 is incorrect also, currently reads 8, should be 4.

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The changes are confirmed and merged.

$ git diff master
diff --git a/production_docs/BOM.csv b/production_docs/BOM.csv
index d7d89e4..92aee49 100644
--- a/production_docs/BOM.csv
+++ b/production_docs/BOM.csv
@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ PP-FP0156,Z_Upper_ top plate,PCE,2,Y
 PP-FP0157,LCD Ground Spacer,PCE,1,Y
 PP-FP0158,E3d Standard Aero 2.85mm filament guide,PCE,1,Y
 PP-GP0223,Bed Mount Chassis v3.3,PCE,4,Y
-PP-GP0238,Flexy Bed Foot v0.1,PCE,8,Y
+PP-GP0238,Flexy Bed Foot v0.1,PCE,4,Y
 PP-GP0357,Z upper right,PCE,1,Y
 PP-GP0358,Z upper left,PCE,1,Y
 PP-GP0359,Z lower right,PCE,1,Y
@@ -185,6 +185,7 @@ PP-GP0405,Z endstop cable cover,PCE,1,Y
 PP-GP0406,Dual spool arm,PCE,2,Y
 PP-GP0407,Interconnect housing,PCE,1,Y
 PP-GP0408,Hinge cap,PCE,1,Y
+PP-GP0409,Frame foot,PCE,4,
 PP-GP0410,Electronic chassis mount front,PCE,1,Y
 PP-GP0411,Electronic chassis mount back,PCE,2,Y
 PP-GP0412,filament sensor mount,PCE,1,Y