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Cura port error
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So while I was printing through cura, the printer was disconnected from the port for some reason. I could not do anything through the LCD and had to turn off my printer to re-connect. I had cura open through the terminal and had this error.

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@MikeR ,
This sounds like Marlin crash problem, not the cura problem. Seems like ttyACM0 just disappeared but since it was open, the cura kept trying to connect.
It will be hard to debug, unless you give us some more details. I'm pretty sure it's not Cura problem though.

@alexei: The serial port on the Archim board is managed by the CPU, so if the code crashes, the serial port will go down. This is different from what happens on the Rambo/MiniRambos. Unfortunately, this does make debugging difficult. Keep in mind Marlin is still in 2.0.0 Alpha stage at this point, so bugs are expected.

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We have had several revs of firmware and Cura with no update reports. Going to close this one down and it can always be reopened if needed.