Need drawing for heat break and heat sink
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We need a drawing for the heat break to send to a new supplier.


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M6: MOARstruder
kent created this task.Fri, Dec 21, 8:47 AM
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kent added a comment.Fri, Dec 21, 3:03 PM

Ok here is the drawing I made for the break:

@samantha when you get a chance, could you please review this drawing?

rev should be IR (initial revision) and not A
angles for V groove

@kent - is this good to send for quote yet?

kent added a comment.Tue, Jan 8, 7:33 AM

No I don't think so @jessica

kent added a comment.Tue, Jan 8, 7:57 AM

I incorporated @samantha feedback on the break and pushed a new version. Here is a pdf with the incorporated changes:

The heatsink drawing is still outstanding, there is a pdf here but it was drawn a while ago and I don't see the fcstd file in that same dir.

@kent changes look good

@samantha - can you please point me to the step file for the MP0112... I see one but its pretty old and I am unsure if it is correct or not.

@kent can I use the heatsink drawing or are you re-drawing?

kent added a comment.Tue, Jan 8, 3:42 PM

@jessica I just finished re-drawing it, there were a few errors on the drawing I posted.

@samantha, here is a pdf of the drawing I made for the heat break and you please review it when you have a chance?

thank you both so so much!

@kent what file did you base the heat break drawing on?

@kent PP-MP0113 feedback:
The A datum is a theoretical axis that is not based on anything physical, with everything related to it being measured off of it. This prevents it from being able to be used in any actual measurements. A physical feature will need to be selected as the A datum to generate that axis from.

The stack up of hole information in the upper left can be confusing. I recommend starting with the first hole size you would come to from that view (the M6 ↧4.7) then proceed through as you encounter each new hole. Also, the chamfer should be on a combined line with the diameter it is connected to (in this case the Ø4) to make it clear where in the stackup it belongs.

It looks like everything else is probably good.

@jessica I pushed a step file for the heat break to the branch for this ticket under taz-olive, exported from Kent's file

step file for heat sink also pushed now