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Add TVS diode to bed extension harness EL-HR0146
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@mjpelletier wants to add a TVS diode to the bed extension harness to help pass ESD

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west created this task.Dec 27 2018, 7:21 AM
west moved this task from Report Issues Here to Needs Review on the Quiver board.Dec 27 2018, 7:45 AM
kent added a subscriber: kent.Jan 3 2019, 8:07 AM

@west It looks like there are a few changes to printed parts in this branch. Is this part of the chages required to add the diode?

$ git diff master
diff --git a/production_parts/electronics/external_harness/EL-HR0146_Bed_Extension_Harness.odg b/production_parts/electronics/external_harness/EL-HR0146_Bed_Extension_Harness.odg
index 038781c..febe409 100644
Binary files a/production_parts/electronics/external_harness/EL-HR0146_Bed_Extension_Harness.odg and b/production_parts/electronics/external_harness/EL-HR0146_Bed_Extension_Harness.odg differ
diff --git a/production_parts/printed_parts/y_bed_chain_mounting_bracket/Y_bed_chain_mounting_bracket_v1.fcstd b/production_parts/printed_parts/y_bed_chain_mounting_bracket/Y_bed_chain_mounting_bracket_v1.fcstd
index 9751425..8b025a7 100644
Binary files a/production_parts/printed_parts/y_bed_chain_mounting_bracket/Y_bed_chain_mounting_bracket_v1.fcstd and b/production_parts/printed_parts/y_bed_chain_mounting_bracket/Y_bed_chain_mounting_bracket_v1.fcstd differ
diff --git a/production_parts/printed_parts/y_bed_chain_mounting_bracket/Y_bed_chain_mounting_bracket_v1.stl b/production_parts/printed_parts/y_bed_chain_mounting_bracket/Y_bed_chain_mounting_bracket_v1.stl
index ae7c4b1..4292998 100644
Binary files a/production_parts/printed_parts/y_bed_chain_mounting_bracket/Y_bed_chain_mounting_bracket_v1.stl and b/production_parts/printed_parts/y_bed_chain_mounting_bracket/Y_bed_chain_mounting_bracket_v1.stl differ
west added a comment.Jan 3 2019, 8:08 AM

@kent it is creating more space for the third ground lug and adding a spot for a strain relief

kent added a comment.Jan 3 2019, 8:44 AM

Ok for the EL-HR0146 drawing I think the polarity of the diode needs checked. Based on what i read in T3308 the white line side should be crimped with the ring terminal and it's the opposite direction on the the drawing.

The models look ok have we checked to see that they fit and work as expected?

west added a comment.Jan 3 2019, 12:18 PM

I have tested the model and it seems to work. My major concern about the strain relief was the tvs diode since it is a solid core wire connecting to the bed. Ill check with @mjpelletier about the orientation of the diode and update the drawing

west added a comment.Jan 3 2019, 12:33 PM

@kent just pushed the drawing with a callout

kent added a comment.Jan 11 2019, 2:15 PM

Ok I checked the drawing and it has the right orientation of the diode now afaict. We need to get these printed out and build out the harnesses and test them on the four test machines.

@west is there any additional hardware for this change? I am assuming there is a zip tie but do not want to over constrain the solid core wire.

west added a comment.Jan 21 2019, 9:32 AM

Just the zip tie

MikeR added a subscriber: MikeR.Jan 21 2019, 2:41 PM

@west after I got the new cable with the diode and the new printed part, at least on quiver 6 when you tighten the SST screw down all the way, the wires is loose. The wires can freely spin around the screw so they are not making a good full connection. I used the same hardware as before.

west added a comment.Jan 21 2019, 3:00 PM

@MikeR is a external lock washer being used?

west added a comment.Jan 22 2019, 9:25 AM

A new part has been made and is slicing queue works really well on my printer with the one I printed

kent added a comment.Jan 23 2019, 12:15 PM

I installed this and it worked well for me.

Steven closed this task as Resolved.Jan 23 2019, 2:31 PM
Steven added a subscriber: Steven.

Reviewed the drawing and other changes and this looks good to move over. This is now merged into master.